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Cycling... Maps Explorer or Landranger?

Hi to all,
I plan to do some G/SE summits(010 011 014 and if legs are still good 006) by bicycle… Starting in Newhaven with the Ferry !!!
To prepare the trip I need Maps but witch one is better 198 landranger or 122 AND 123 Explorer ???
If someone is interesting it’s with pleasure… A Saturday during October…
Please send email at MYCALL at orange.fr for all interesting information about those summits and Maps.

Please to heard you during this little cycling summits tour !!!
I tell you the date when all is fine ready !!!
Best 73

In reply to F5UBH:
Hi Tof,

Explorer maps are more detailed and are 1:25000 scale.
These maps show clearer boundaries such as fence lines etc so if you need more precise information it would be better to buy these.

Landranger maps are 1:50000 scale so cover a larger area on one map but with less detail.

Hope that helps.

Good luck with your trip.



In reply to F5UBH:

You can normally see the OS 1:50000/1:25000 scale maps using Bing when you view the UK with maps.bing.com but only if you have a UK IP address. When I use maps.bing.com via my VPN in Switzerland I cannot see the OS mapping. Switching to a UK address and the OS mapping selection appears in the menu.

If you can find a UK proxy or UK VPN to use you will be able to see the maps you want.

Andy, (HB9/)MM0FMF
(Physically in Scotland but apparently surfing the web from Zurich!)

In reply to F5UBH:
A Landranger map will work best in the map case on your handlebars, Tof. I’ve toured in East Sussex and it’s brilliant cycling country. Have a look at http://www.hill-bagging.co.uk/search.php for the summits in question.
An ascent of Ditchling Beacon G/SE-006 by bike is a must. I did the climb solo on my tandem [simulates the weight of SOTA rucsack?]. The road up to the South Downs path at Firle Beacon is quite tough too. A triple chainset is a great help here. Wilmington hill is a lovely, little hill walk from the bottom. We left our bikes locked by the ‘L’ in Long Barrow seen here http://www.hill-bagging.co.uk/mountaindetails.php?qu=S&rf=2919
G/SE-014 Cliffe Hill is a good alternative especially if you can time your arrival as the last golfers head back to the clubhouse.

Bon tour

David M0YDH

In reply to M0YDH:
Quite fine…
Thanks for helping to all…
Cliffe Hill is in the golf area ???