Cycling activations - show us your bike!

This is my bike. Usually I take it to arrive the foot of remote mountains, or for round trips. This picture was taken this summer in Roßloch. This is the valley below Lalidererspitze. OE/TI-199.

73 de DG5WU,

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I had a great ride to vk5/se-015 this morning I took my Road bike and made an average of 30 kph with a slight tail wind. It was quite flat going for the last 30km so I was able to push along ok on the big ring.
The track up to the summit was in the LC Ute my friend followed behind me so we could do some jobs at the repeater hut near by. He gave me an hour head start so the pressure was on not to have him catch me and cut short my ride which was 50 km by the time he caught me. Sorry no picture I forgot to ask him to take one,
bike is a Principia ps1 and Ultegra running gear .
73 de Ian vk5cz …

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Interesting looking bike. Is it a 29er?

it’s a 29er … CUBE Reaction GTC Race 29! vy nice bike :smile:

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In the photo it is the 29er Trek Xcaliber I used in EA5/CS land this summer. Here at home I have 2 GaryFisher Piranha 2008 and 2009 models - great bikes. Yet to use them for an activation.


Hi Richard et al,

I was an early adopter of using a MTB in the hills, with my first a Madison Ridgeback circa 1985 (imported from America and sold through an outlet in Edinburgh). Incidentally I still have it but modified for more sedate canal/cycle paths along with my XYL Anne (GM4UXX) and her hybrid.

And keeping with the spirit of this year’s cycling weekend I headed out to activate GM/SS-102, 115 & (162 abn) using my Fuel Trek 80 (another American built beauty!)

73 es keep ‘puffing’


Photo taken at NGR - NN410030


Activation of VK1/AC-002 Mt Gingera on 1/1/2014, using car for first 100 km or so (2 hours) bike for next 5 km or so (45 mins incl some walking up steeper bits) then walking for final 700-800m up the actual hill. The bike is an economy no-name 21 speed flatbar road bike.
Andrew VK1DA / VK2UH


Hi, Just thought I put the new bike on show got it to go to Scotland on Monday and can’t wait to try it out, will be in the Gatehouse of fleet area for the week.


This is my Ham-bike, also used for some SOTA and GMA activations.
Not mentioned on the picture: Using MFJ-928 for tuning the trailer vertical or a random wire / linked dipole with a 10 ft pole during summit activation or in the evening. The mono-wheel trailer is perfect for off-the-road cycling while carrying up to 70 lbs (32 kg). Picture taken on arriving at Ham Radio 2014 in Friedrichshafen.


Specialized Carve Pro 29er. Yet to be used on an activation.

73 Chris M0RSF


Use my bike for my long hiking-tour at “Totes Gebirge”. OE/OO-201 Großer Woising and OE/OO-207 Feigentalhimmel.
73, Chris OE5HCE


A few SOTA summits here!

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I saw a programme on tv not long ago where Danny built an indoor play park then rode all over it. I dread to think how many hours it took to shoot that Ridge clip. Very impressive indeed.

73 Chris M0RSF

BBC showed the video above also the making of the program, very interesting. Even I was cringing just watching it.

73 Neil 2M0NCM

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View of my bike, Lake Tahoe and a homebrew Buddistick from W7N/TR-006, Snow Valley Peak in Nevada.


He such an incredible guy as well, its a shame about Martyn Ashton when he broke his back. He was another great trials rider. Danny as been so fortunate so far with his riding to push it that far, such an inspiration.

I hope he comes to North Wales and does something similar. There was an article in MTBuk with riding down Snowdon on the PYG track, I want to flim a group of our riders coming down it with an activation at the top from myself. Another great hill is Skiddaw, an incredible ridge ride down with a SOTA summit at the peak of the ridge.

If you find this sort of “thing” impressive you should see all three ( Chris Akrigg ) as well in Road Bike Party Two was a tribute to Martyn when he became sadly paralyzed. Proper mountain biking and SOTA can combine so well, I really hope to see more people from both sides try both in future ! I certainly will be doing more. Cycling is something us British are truly awesome at, and the Americans with RedBull Rampage but that is something else worth seeing !

Yes indeed. Although for some summits you don’t need a mountain bike of course. I don’t own one but my hybrid and road bikes do the job quite nicely in many cases.

Combining SOTA with cycling makes for an interesting additional challenge. There are some summits where an approach by bike saves huge amounts of time and a potentially boring approach walk. You dont need to ride the bike to the top in many cases either. I have often just hidden mine in woods before the final ascent.

On one memorable activation, a friend and I cycled (in sub-zero temperatures) up a long track to one summit (GW/NW-032) We then hid the bikes on the open moorland and trekked to the next peak (GW/NW-027). After that we dropped off back to the car making a long loop. We walked up and collected the bikes the next day. A super expedition.

There are some NP and SB summits where a bike saves a huge amount of time making multi-summit days more practical.

I never reached a summit with the bike, but I like to drive as far as possible especially on those long forrest roads.

vy 73 Martin DF3MC


I’m really glad, that I’m doing just some very boring SOTA activations :smiley:

Seems that shooting this video was not all the time like a walk in the park:

It doesn’t always go right for Danny… Take one on the fence.

A nice report about making this video can be found here:


Happy biking :wink:

73 Stephan, DM1LE