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Cycle 24 weakest since 1928

According to a panel of international experts solar cycle 24 will be the weakest since 1928.

Lets hope not!


In reply to GW7AAV:

Let’s face it, in respect of the solar cycle, the experts have a poor track record in predictions.



In reply to GW7AAV:
I don’t think solar powered cycles are going to catch on. Solar cars seem to struggle so I can’t imagine a bike will be much better and I agree it will be poor.


73 Marc G0AZS

Someone’s been on the road too long…

Or in the sun …

In reply to GW7AAV:

Today the the solar flux index shown by my Propfire Firefox add-on is reading
74 - the highest it has been for > 6 months - possibly a sign that cycle 24 is
finally in its way.


In reply to M0RCP:
On spaceweather.com you can see two active areas belonging to cycle 24, no spots yet but they look as if they are developing.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M0RCP:

Great little add on for Firefox. Its now reached 75 this morning.

In reply to GW7AAV:
Typical - no sunspots for 19 days then two come along :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

Great - the minimum isn’t over, yet, but the end is in sight!

As for these predictions, not one prediction for the minimum has been right, why should we expect any better of the predictions for the maximum?

Closer to home, the predicted weather map for saturday shows a single high pressure system overhead but extending from the Azores to the Black Sea, it would be nice if we get a big tropo opening on two like what we useter have!



Brian G8ADD