CW practice

Gud this evening - worked PA, F and G3CWI - at the end of which someone sent “FB QSO”! Was this someone we know?

In reply to M1EYP:
Mike GW0DSP,
I tried calling you today at 11am local and at 12pm local(just in case I had got confused…). No reply, or certainly nothing heard from you at my end.
Hope everything Ok with you and will try again on Friday.

I finally downloaded that Rufz XP program that someone recommended. I now too recommend it - it’s good fun.

I thought I would use the spare time and peace and quiet afforded by my little camping holiday this weekend to do a bit of practice and put a few calls out. It seemed that because I was “M1EYP/P”, I was called by lots of the regular SOTA CW chasers thinking I was on a summit and asking for my reference. No, I was on campsite near Harwich, Essex, a good base to visit the beaches at Walton-on-the-Naze and Frinton-on-Sea, and the LV18 radioship from which the special Pirate BBC Essex programming was originating, and still is until 3pm Tuesday - BBC - Essex - Local Radio - Pirate Essex

Anyway, thanks to you all for completing the QSOs with me and giving me the practice, especially DL4FCK and DL6UNF who both kindly worked me two days running. It was nice to get SOTA chaser points from DH0DK and DL4FDM, and nice to get a new DXCC in the shape of Latvia - YL/OK1HDU/P


This might be handy for anyone wanting to check it out …