CW practice .mp3 audio files

I often listen to CW while driving in traffic jams.

In order to make it less boring than listening to random characters or words, I generated a few audio files with text that has some kind of meaning.

I now generated audio files with the known SOTA chasers callsigns.

In case anyone else would be interested, the .mp3 audio files are available on ON6ZQ | . CW speeds are 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 WPM.


73 de ON6ZQ

In reply to ON6ZQ:

Hi Christophe

Many thanks for making this available - just what
I need.

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

Another tip which helped me learn CW over 30 years ago (Yikes!), long before the digital revolution, was to interpret the number plates of vehicles ahead of me by speaking the number plates out loud to myself as “dits and dahs”. If you try it don’t lose concentration on the driving though. No problem if you are a passenger or on a bus.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:
If you’re a passenger on a buss, and saying dit-dah-dah-dit dit-dit-dah dah-dit-dit-dit loud to yourself, you may get a wisit by men in white coats, with a armless shirt for you… :wink:

good one Christophe !!


Did the same thing over 40 years ago, found it worked for me.

In those days you could listen to the coastal stations on 500khz at the bottom end of the medium wave band on your analog car radio, this was also good practice.

73 de Ken

TU Christophe, they will go into my car usb this week.

I like RUFZXP too, I have practiced a fair bit over the last weeks and helped on my activations this last weekend to pick up the callsigns first time through.

73 Angel M0HDF / EA2ECG

Another tip: is a big tourture chamber with a reasonable variety of CW-instruments even up to randomly created WAE-QTCs - and a tool to generate mp3-files out of text you paste into its box (speed to be choosen by your desire like with all other instruments there). Enjoy :slight_smile:
Chris DL8MBS