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Fair comment David, but I would suggest moving away from 7032 at weekends and spreading the activity away from the data frequencies down to below 7030 anyway. We need to do this with or without split frquency working due to the increasing levels of activity on 40m CW at peak times. This spectrum is underused I would say and also outside the current passband on the SDR receiver that chasers can at present use, if they think it is within the spirit of SOTA but that is another argument that I am staying out of now!


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For Brian, our Moderator:

Is it acceptable practice on the reflector to name and shame a CW operator who persistently called over the top of several QSOs already in progress and then gave the activator a 339 report when he finally made his QSO?

This happened today when stations (including myself) were working HB9CGL/P between 1510 and 1520z.

73 Phil

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That needed a bit of thought, Phil. As you know from the guidance notes below the message window, messages that may be offensive to some members of the group may be deleted. However, I see nothing to object to in a factual statement that QRM was caused by (callsign) calling over the top of several QSOs, as long as you confine yourself to the facts and don’t start calling this individual by such opprobious epithets (Ooh I like that one!) as alligator, cloth ears etc. Your readers will mentally fill in those terms for themselves.

I hope that helps,

Brian G8ADD

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Thanks Brian - I will stand back from naming and shaming this time, I did mention the callsign in a SOTAWatch spot for a few minutes and then deleted it. The op who gave out the 339 report at around 1520z today will know who he is.

Much obliged,


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There’s a sota mapping system that retains deleted spots Phil if you know which box to tick :wink:

Roger G4OWG

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Very good Roger - take a look then hi hi
I don’t know how to find it. Does it also show edited spots?


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To extend the Sota activities to 7030 and below i think is not a very great idea.
For me, i like to chase Sota stations, but i also like to have “ordinary” cw qso´s, specially in QRP.
In my opinion, there is already so much “extra” activity on the band (nearly every weekend contest, cw sector not usable for qso´s. And just giving raports with numbers is for shure not real fun for everybody.)
Don´t misunderstand me, Sota is great fun, but not the only existing thing.
Imagine, somebody is having a nice QRP qso at e.g.7030,00 and Sota is calling on
7030,80 (just example)Will there only be one om who will care about the qso on
7030,00? i don´think so.
I don´thik, the spectrum below 7030 is undeused, it is used from qrp. There one only needs to take a careful hear.
This is dissapointing me a bit, so i think, Sota is right placed 7032 and above.

In general i feel, that chasers should be more disziplined. Not the one, who transmittes syncronously with the activator, but therefore with 500Watts will make the points,
Not the one, who transmittes while chaser is in qso with the activator will make the points.
Patience and Ham Spirit is the right way to make the points.

73/72 de Roland