Cute Roadside Signs (Part 2)

Displeased honeybee ?


Not quite on topic but linked to signage.

As a young man I decided to go on a road trip through Europe. Quite ambitious for someone who had lived on Anglesey all his life and with only very basic schoolboy French.

On my first day driving through Germany I became concerned about my location. I kept seeing signs for a place I couldn’t spot on the map in my lap. It had to be a large place as there was a sign every few miles followed by a well engineered slip road.

Curiosity got me in the end and I turned in to see what the city of Rastplatz would be like.
Obvious in hindsight.


No! I think it is a bee that is not happy with the union that represents it!!!

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The sign says “Beware of the bees.”
And the bucket the bee is carrying says “Honey” (Well, we know it should actually be carrying pollen…)