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Cumbria Raynet - 13th May Charity Bike Ride - Can

Hi all.

We have had a request at WOTA from Paul Woodburn of Cumbria Raynet (2E0EET) for assistance from anyone that can spare some time on 13th May to help out with the 12th Fred Whitton Challenge bike ride in Cumbria.

If you or anyone you know may be able to offer assistance for this worthy fund raising event, this would be very much appreciated.

Many SOTA/WOTA travellers have to use the passes involved in this event, so even if you cannot help, please keep in mind this date as it may cause disruption for activators etc.

The larger picture is also that the data is being logged along with ongoing recognisance in the Lakes with other emergency services, including Mountain Rescue. There is no known database to guide a full scale emergency at the moment so by participating and/or offering help and advice to Paul about the local knowledge gained about the area it can only be to the benefit to all those who use and enjoy the lakes.



This is from Paul:-

This event has been so well run for this many years that even avid cyclists have never heard of it never mind the locals. In that time, the riders have raised £220,000 for charity. Main recipients have been Macmillan Nurses, Furness Mountain Rescue and the Air Ambulance – very creditable indeed.

Take a look at http://www.fredwhittonchallenge.org.uk/

This year’s event is now fully subscribed. 1700 cyclists are due to leave Coniston to indulge. The Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge is a gruelling 112 mile sportive ride for charity around the English Lake District, taking in six of the major passes en route. It is on Sunday 13th May, and the route starts & finishes at Coniston, and includes the climbs of Kirkstone Pass, Honister Pass, Newlands Pass, Whinlatter Pass, Cold Fell, Irton Pike, and finishes with the brutal Hardknott & Wrynose Passes.

This year, the organisers have managed to contact Cumbria Raynet, after trying for some time, and ask for assistance with communications. In the absence of the Chairman who will be on holiday on the day of the event, I have volunteered as a member of Cumbria Raynet, to be Control for the event. I must admit, I was not aware of the magnitude at that time, but nevertheless, will do my best to ensure a successful mission.

So, here is my appeal for assistance.

Cumbria Raynet has a limited number of members, and this is a huge event communications – wise. Help can be provided in many ways, and not just on the day of the event – although this is of prime importance. We need to be able to furnish contact with HQ at Coniston, from all the pass summits where checkpoints are placed. Many may travel these routes on a normal basis, and organised interaction beforehand could facilitate the knowledge required. Some may already have information which may be of help or may have suggestions which would ease the tasks. Some may even be able to “work” as a relay from their home or suggest some possibility. It would also be a good chance for those with limited power, M6’s, M3’s to help enormously – lets face it, the distance from the summits, where accidents are unlikely, to the foot of the passes should be well in range for everybody. But it takes manpower.

Well, that basically sums up my request, and I hope you will take the time to consider what a massive PR exercise this is for Ham Radio in its self. You may also consider that you might like to put something back into the community, maybe you feel a need to thank the Macmillan Nurses (as I need to this year), Air Ambulance or Mountain Rescue (who are also involved with running the event), by making this event a bigger success for them.

Thank you for your time spent reading this, I am most grateful. If you have any questions, my details are on www.qrz.com under 2E0EET. If you can help, or feel you may be able to, please contact me

Paul Woodburn, Cumbria Raynet

In reply to M6EPW:

Hi all,

Paul has now provided some additional information on how everyone that frequents, operates within or lives in the the Lake District can be of help, both during and prior to the event.

If you have taken part in a similar scale event, then I am sure Paul would also welcome your feedback about things that worked and pitfalls to avoid.

Please spare a few moments to look here:


This is a great opportunity to help promote amateur radio and to help ensure the future safety and well being of everyone that enjoys the Lakes, something that we should all never take foregranted.



In reply to thread:

I don’t want to sound an old grump, but 1,700 bikes on those roads on a Sunday in May? Isn’t that a trifle inconsiderate? Those passes will be taking heavy enough traffic without the extra burdon of a Tour de France clone!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

inappropriate comment to an honourable call for help, just to be expected.

shouldn’t a moderator be removing that type of grumpy comments after all there is no point discussing the call for help as it has been made and SOTA has no influence over it other that those that raise to the challenge and actually help.

I don’t see a problem with Brian expressing concern about the possible disruptive effects of the stated event, nor Liz’s notice of the event and request for help. I certainly don’t interpret Brian’s comments as in any way critical of Liz’s posts, nor even a commentary upon them.

I hope the event goes well with lots of money raised. But it might not be the optimum day for bagging G/LD-024 or G/LD-034!


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi all.

Just to add to events, on the 3rd of March the Malcolm Wilson Rally is taking place in Cumbria. See my other post.

As with many other parts of the country, events like these cause disruption, but its only for one day and at least the bike ride is raising a lot of money for relevant charities and the feedback and help being sought in this post is also for the long term benfit and safety of all users of the Lakes.



In reply to M0LKB:

In reply to G8ADD:

inappropriate comment to an honourable call for help, just to be

shouldn’t a moderator be removing that type of grumpy comments after
all there is no point discussing the call for help as it has been made
and SOTA has no influence over it other that those that raise to the
challenge and actually help.

No, my friend, expressions of concern are not inappropriate in my opinion, depending on how moderately they are voiced. As it happens I will not be in LD that weekend, so the concern was not voiced on a selfish basis, but consider this:

I get to the Lakes on no more than three or four weekends each year, taking part in meets organised by the climbing club that I attend. We stay in hut accommodation which has to be booked eighteen months or two years in advance, so if this pre-booked weekend happens to coincide with one of these massive jamborees and my movements around the area are restricted or hindered I would have every right to feel seriously dischuffed. £100-worth of petrol plus food and accommodation costs have been invested in that spoiled weekend, you see. I imagine that 1,700 bikes are the tip of the iceberg, there will be family and friends along spectating and support vehicles and so on - and amongst them I hope will be RAENet, doing a good job as I would expect. You see, although as Liz says, it is only one weekend in the year (and leaving out of consideration other events that have the potential to clog the narrow arteries of Lakeland) it may well be some other unsuspecting visitors one weekend, too. I am not against charity events as such, but I am against events that bloat enough to cause severe disruption.


Brian G8ADD