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CT SOTA Certificates - SOTA Portugal CT

The Summits on the Air (SOTA) – Portugal CT awards program, implemented in 2012, has
nowadays a growing amount of participants. According to the latest SOTA Database
information, there are over hundred registered chasers and activators.

The DXCC entity Portugal CT has 237 summits and 11 regions qualified for the SOTA
awards scheme. Madeira CT3 and Azores CU have their own separate SOTA programs.

In order to acknowledge the accomplishments of both chasers, activators and SWLs, the
management team of SOTA – Portugal CT implemented the “Diploma SOTA CT”, a
national Summits on the Air certificate program for the “CT” DXCC entity.

Certificates will be issued, electronically, for the activator, chaser and SWL categories. For more information, the program´s rules can be downloaded from the official SOTA - Portugal website:



For diploma and further information requests, use the program´s oficial email: portugalsota@gmail.com

73s and good chasing/activating!

SOTA - Portugal CT Management Team

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