CT or CU

CT8/DL8DBW/P on CU/SJ-001 14,280 ssb
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Just worked this one and fell out of me chair when I looked it up on the Sota map expecting it to be some where in Portugal. Not an easy one to work either.

Thought to look up on Sota map as ya do and when the Azores came up thought wow, then thought hang on shouldn’t that be a CU8/DL8DBW/p as CT is Portugal and CU is Azores islands.

Sorry for questioning this one just wanna get it right in me log


When in doubt first check the ARM. Many (but not all) ARMs list how CEPT visitors should identify themselves.

CU(island #)/xxxxx/P or CT8/xxxxx/P are acceptable.

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on page 6.
Portugal: CT7/
Azores: CT8/
Madeira: CT9/

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF


Big thank you gents that,s confirmed it.
Just looked bit strange had to question.

Brilliant thanks again :blush:


Hi all

He can use CT8/xxxxx/p or CU5/xxxxx/p.

Please remind the last one (CU5) is the usual callsign to São Jorge Island.

New call signs to Azores are all CT8. Previously CU1 to CU9 identify the 9 azorean islands.
My azorean callsign is CU3HF which means I’m in Terceira isl.

Portuguese ANACOM accept both ways to identify a CEPT station, so far!

Anyway, Thomas should have a magnificent view from Pico da Esperança ! :smile:

Vy 73



Thank you all for such quick response and that photo.
OH MY thats lovely thanks for sharing


I can only click “like” once Pedro!

Hi Andy

Everybody is welcomed to come and see it live !
And do some SOTA summits in the middle of the Atlantic…

Pedro CU3HF / CT1DBS


Again what a photo

Can Ii build me shack there please :slight_smile:
water falls be handy to make water mill to produce power for me TX


Lovely, but it doesn’t look as if it’ll be much good on VHF!