CSV upload problems

Dear SOTA friends,

I am trying to upload my activation log, wich I converted from ADIF to CSV using the online tool provided by this website: 404 - File Not Found

Strange thing that happens is that the first two contacts on the file (wich are the day´s last two QSO)are accepted by the upload toll on the Database but the remaining are rejected by an apparent error in the time field (therefore highlited in red).

I´ve looked closely at the CSV file with Excel and I can´t find whatever is the diference in the time field that leads to the rejection. I appeal to your help and knowledge in the hopes of avoiding entering 146 contacts by hand.

On the same theme, I would like to poll the membership as to what kind of workflow is used to deal with SOTA logs. On my side, I used the paper log on the field, entered manually to Ham Radio Deluxe logbook, exported to ADIF and then converted to CSV with adventure radio´s online tool.

best regards

Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW

Hi Paulo,

Are all your QSOs in date/time order (earliest to latest)? If not, then this will cause an error.

My system is paper log on the summit, then entered manually. Except for when one or more of my activations to be entered is from a VHF contest, in which case I start with the logfiles from the contest and edit in my other activations in a CSV file.


In reply to CT2IWW:

I find that the most frequent problem is incorrect CSV format, followed by incorrect date/time order as mentioned by Tom.

My log is in Open Office spreadsheet format (.ods), so I export all the activations and chases to CSV files and upload those.


In reply to Tom, M1EYP and Rod, M0JLA:

Thank you both for your replies. I switched the time order and it was smooth sailing from there. My log for CT/DL-015 has been uploaded.


Paulo, CT2IWW

In reply to CT2IWW:

Hello Paulo,

my congratulations for your SOTA activity, well done.

Best 73.

David Quental

In reply to CT2IWW:
My workflow for SOTA-Logs: While on the summit and also at home chasing I log the contacts to a sheet of paper. Then they are typed into my logbook software HamOffice, where I have defined two columns SOTA Activator and SOTA Chaser for the reference numbers. QSO list is exported as ASCII list similar to CSV using a predefined Export-Filter of HamOffice. This list is reformatted using a small tool programmed by (mainly) DG1NDE and me (see pages 26/29 of http://www.darc.de/uploads/media/cqkc16.web.pdf). The resulting CSV-file is uploaded to the SOTA-Database.
Single chaser QSO are entered direcly using the database webinput.

73 de Michael, DB7MM