csv upload issue with "band" information -- uppper/lower case "m"

So, I’ve been doing .csv uploads for a couple of years without issues. I usually submit my “band” column information in “MHz” format. This morning, for many reasons, the band information is in “m” format (40m, for example).

I have gone thru the .csv file with a fine toothed comb, and all of the entries use a lower case “m” for meters. However, when I try to upload it, it fails and the database page informs me that all the band entries are invalid, and their printed with a capital M.

Oh sure, I’ll go back and change everything to MHz, but why is this happening?

73, and thanks to all the chasers yesterday while I was on W0M/SF-004!

73, JIm KK0U

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Hi Jim,

Because the system always expects a frequency and not a band:
Use the placeholder frequencies listed here if you don’t have an exact one.

Full docu on csv format:

73 Joe

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Ah, ok – I misread the spec. The spec reads “80m:3.5MHz”. Before I’ve had coffee that reads like an either/or.

I’ve now have had my coffee, and with your information I see the light! :wink:

Thanks and 73, Jim KK0U


Hello Joe,
While we are talking about frequency definitions for SOTA upload, There are a couple of (minor) issues because several bands are missing.
Two that I am aware of are 2200m or 0.136 MHz, for which I used “VLF”, incorrectly, as VLF is 3 - 30 KHz, but it seemed the best fit at the time.
The other band is 5.6 GHz where I was using ATV equipment. I can’t remember all the details, but I was credited with an HF band I have never used the first time, the second time I entered it as a “microwave” contact which worked OK, but does not specify which microwave band.
So these contacts don’t appear correctly in SOTL.as, not surprisingly as they are not correct in the SOTA database.

Not an expert in SHF bands but here the list of options in the database:

Not sure what the “placeholder frequencies” are.

And for distance calculation (microwave s2s and awards) you can use this format in the comments field to add a locator:


Example here:

73 Joe

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This sometimes happens when people enter exact frequency and mistype GHz and MHz which pops it into the 60m band or thereabouts.