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Cross Fell G/NP-001

Thank’s to all chasers for the QSOs which Terry G0VWP and I completed on G/NP-001 Tuesday. It was a hard day due to the ground conditions. We were delayed by the road conditions, being unable to reach the gate by car at Great Dun Fell due to ice and snow. In addition one of us lost our glasses, backtracked and failed to find them despite following our tracks in the snow. The thick mist and in parts, total white out conditions also delayed our arrival on the summit.

I operated CW on 30m and 20m before going on 2m and for the first time I operated split frequency throughout the activation - listening up between 500 Hz and 1 Khz of my TX frequency. After virtually every QSO I sent my callsign and UP 1. Throughout the activity on 30m I was aware that one station (OE5FSL) was calling me continuously on my own frequency, making copy extremely difficult for the 45 stations I worked on that band. I was aware that chasers were attempting to tell this station I was listening UP to no avail. I did not work this station, and would ask that in future (if OE5FSL reads this) please listen to what is being sent before calling, you may then have a chance of a QSO.

The same goes for others who call out of turn over the top of others when I send a partial call and ? or who interupt by calling when I am still in QSO - as an activator and chaser I know who these few people are and I will not work them until they improve the standard of their operating. It is the same 2 or 3 operators, and as a chaser myself I hear the same calls doing it. Get the message guys? I hope so, and if so I will work you next time if things improve.

Thank you for the spotters efforts yesterday: G4SSH-G4WHA-PB2T-N4EX and also to Roy G4SSH for his useful dial a spot service.

73 and Merry Xmas to one and all

Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

I iterate what Phil has said of the operater and one or two EB stations doing the same thing it makes it hard to work the weaker stations when they are calling over the top of them and I also did not work them so please listen gentleman I’m also a chaser and as Phil Say’s GET THE MESSAGE GUYS and I will work you next time I’m out on the fell’s.

Thank you also to the spotters and nice to have you all in the log, if I have got your call wrong as I do sometimes please e-mail me and this will be put right.

7s and a Merry Xmas to all

Terry G0VWP

In reply to G4OBK:
Hi Phil & Terry,

Well done on this one. Roy G4SSH told me what he knew of your expedition and now I understand the detail. I can sympathise about legs sinking in. It’s soul destroying mainly because with each step to the summit you know that there’s an equivalent one to do on the way back. This SOTA was behond the call of duty so great that you got there and made an 8-pointer available in a December that has seemed sparse for activations compared with some in the past. I didn’t think you could have made it on 2m. Mickle Fell is in the way. Also I noticed that Cross Fell was never the best of places for VHF in the early days of SOTA.

Well done again and looking forward to your imminent MG Phil! If you send your track I will try to find Terry’s specs next summer!

73, John.