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Cream tea - sun 31 aug

Date: Sun 31 Aug

Venue: Easington Fell, nr Clitheroe, Lancashire (SP-012)

Time: 1300 Lancashire Time

Dress: Silly Hat

As mentioned in a previous thread cream tea will be served on the aforementioned summit.

Those wishing to participate can you please indicate intent so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

No silly hat, no cream tea

This summit has been chosen as it has plentiful parking; ease of access to the summit and good communication links to the major routes.

Lets do something different and have a good time with friends old and new.

And for Lee, Oui, mon capitan

In reply to G6DDQ:

I would like to come but the travel is little far. Greetings and a lot of fun from Germany.

joerg - dg0jmb

Is it ok for a couple of lads from the opposite side of the Pennines in myself and Billy 2E0WJC attend? Silly hats guaranteed :slight_smile:

73 Chris

In reply to G6DDQ:

Hi Myke,
Both Mick (HJD) and I will definately be there, and there is a bit of a buzz going round that quite a few others are planning to attend, just spoke with Mike (BLH) and he is up for it too, so here’s to another of the old school activations.

Cant wait !!!..


In reply to G6DDQ:
I hope to be there.

In reply to G6DDQ:

I also hope to be there.

Mike G4BLH

In reply to G4BLH:

Count me in and Mike DSP.

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Of course our friends from the County with the “wrong” colour of rose are very welcome. May I assume that you will be wearing white roses !!!

Looks like being a good do.

In reply to G6DDQ:

DSP asked, are jock hats with false red hair allowed?


In reply to 2E0PXW:

No - he must dye his own hair

In reply to G6DDQ:

That could be awkward he has none;-)

In reply to G6DDQ:

Would have loved to have come along and put some faces to callsigns (and I have a silly hat), however I will be walking in the Cairngorms then.
Not sure if I will get any activations in from there as I will be camping and walking with some non-ham mates (and without the XYL !)but I will have the VX150 and a half-wave with me - no point taking the 817/HF as I can’t see me getting the chance to put an antenna up on any summits. Will probably attempt to activate ES-001 at some point in the week so listen out for me.


M0CGH will probably be in attendance, not done Easington Fell before. Bought OL41 map today, so just need to arrange a silly hat! :slight_smile:


In reply to M0CGH:
Hey nice one Colin, look forward to seeing you there… Well Myke, looks like nostalgia has brought a smile to many a face and a rumble in the belly to get out on one of our old style activations, no scent of any kind of elegiac comments from anyone, just good old camaraderie in the true spirit, cheers Myke glad you suggested it !!!
best 73’s

Hope to see you all, sounds like fun. If we get a lot there we could take some good size arials as in beams for 144 and 432, plus a good size mast. what do you think chaps? I have beams for 50,70,144 and 432 that I use in contests/p.

73 dave

i will be there

In reply to G6DDQ:

Hi Myke,
Myself and Dave G3VUS intend to make it, we are trying to drum up a car full of Furness Amateur Radio Society members too.
It’ll be nice to see you all again after the LD-049 mass activation.


Nick G0HIK

In reply to G6DDQ:Hi Myke
I would love to be there but the op that i had 9 weeks ago on my ankle will stop me doing any kind of up or down hill walking.
So to every one that’s is going have fun, that’s what it is all about "having fun"
Hope to work some of you as well.
Regards Nigel
Lee take a bib with you this time that cream get every where :slight_smile:

In reply to 2E0NHM:
Hey Nigel, I am trying to get hold of a mate of mine who has a quad, so I can take you up to the summit, will keep you posted !! if I can organise the quad are you up for it ?


In reply to M0LMP:
Hi Lee if you can get one i am well up for it
thx Lee