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Crazy Logging on Lingmoor

Hi Colin, great report with photos. Congratulations with the weight loss, a great effort on your part! :grinning:

At home I have other things that I’d rather spend my time on.
On the summit it’s about the activating.
The average QSO on a summit for me is less than 2 minutes, in that time I can log the QSO and the required files are produced right there and then.
If I have phone coverage I can send a spot with one swipe and one tap on the screen. Simple.
If I see a spot for S2S and work them 59 then I can log it with one swipe and two taps. Simple.
If I work a station I have worked before I have their name presented on the screen so I can reply with that. Simple.
If I work a station with one of 8 predefined prefixes and 59 report it can be logged with 4, 5 or 6 taps on the screen. Simple.
If I am activating WWFF at the same time, the relevant WWFF file is created at the same time. Simple.
When I get home the files are waiting for me in the cloud for upload to wherever. Simple.


I was going to ask what software you use for this, but quickly discovered it is your own. I will take a look Peter, if it minimizes typing on a phone that is grand.

Regards, Mark.

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I can highly recommend Peter’s VK port-a-log logging app for Android.
I only did my first activation without it and wouldn’t go back. Even in the snow.
I carry my phone (and a spare one) anyway with me, so no additional weight, and as Peter said, there are funnier things to do than copying a log.
Everyone has his proven and personal logging preferences, but why not try something new?

73 Stephan


Colin, A great tale of determination with a successful outcome. Lovely photos too!
Thanks for sharing.

73, Fraser

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I’m planning on giving it a try tonight.