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Don’t forget this major 48 hour contest is coming up this weekend. See you on 60m or the WARC bands!

Oh - and UK stations, don’t forget to put your clocks forward as well this weekend.

73, Dave, G4IAR

Not just the UK - continental Europe put the clocks forward as well.

We’re putting our clocks back 45years in the UK soon. :wink:


Some want to put the clock back 310 years!:grinning:


Im in favour of the 310y back :slight_smile:

PS: full discosure, Im a bloody immigrant, well based on the way Brits use the word Im an expat :slight_smile:

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I’m not, I think it would fatally weaken both countries, but this is the wrong place to explore these ideas so let it rest there.

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To bring this on-topic, yes the clocks move over a huge part of the world this weekend, not just Europe ISTR and to add to the fun there is a large SSB contest. This is less of an issue for CW ops but I do expect the non-WARC bands to busy. What will be interesting will be to see just how dead the higher bands actually are. Dead from lack of participants alone? Will the contesters come along and show the bands are working should someone actually try calling instead of listening for 10 seconds and declaring them dead.

As for the other issues, both issues can lead to division. We all have our different viewpoints and whilst we are probably capable of accepting the other person can have different views to us, these subjects move from objective to subjective very quickly.

I’ll close this now whilst everyone is still ‘smiling’.