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Pretty much OT: One of our several grandsons is in the US Air Force stationed at RAF Lakenheath. He maintains jet engines, and I keep telling him to try and not get sucked into one of them … so far so good.

Subjects for letters in the packages we send to him tend to be in short supply after the first two or three so last one concentrated on ham radio. I made a short recording while I was in the ARRL DX CW, burned a CD and included it with an explanation. His reply yesterday indicates some interest, he’s a technonerd anyway.

Can anyone provide a link to a radio club or group at or near RAF Lakenheath? If he shows any more interest, I’d like to have a place to send him.


Fred “Skip” K6DGW
Auburn CA

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The following provide links to radio clubs in Norfolk and Suffolk.



It’s not my area but I think the following maybe the nearest to Lakenheath. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Bury St Edmunds is only about 15 kms away.


Hope this helps Fred.


Karen 2E0XYL

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Hello Fred,

Karen’s recommendation of the Bury St Edmunds club is a good one, but I’m biased as it’s my local club!. From the website there are links for how to contact and get involved with the club. We are a small club but there is always something of interest going on. In the summer time the meetings are held at a ‘retired’ USAAF base at Roughham, but during the darker months at a nearby School.

Kind regards


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Thanks to all, mates! This will get us started. Cody is young, on the first real “adventure” in life, and seems to be enjoying it. I don’t know yet if the photos and description of my station, or the off-the-air recording piqued his interest, we shall see. Thanks again to all for the help

Fred “Skip” K6DGW
Canada/US SOTA Reporter Dude