Costa Rica

I plan to visit local HAMs in Costa Rica on February 17 or 18 and go together to SOTA summit. I will post SOTA alert if it sill be possible. Propagation prediction shows best frequencies 14-21 MHz from Costa Rica to Florida. My primary contact in Costa Rica is TI2AMB.

Initial plan is Volcano Irazu activation on Monday, Feb 18. Most popular bands for SOTA in Costa Rica - 40 and 20 meter, also 2 meter. If we will not be able to go to volcano Irazu for any reason - we still will go to the different summit. I will post alert.

Did not go to actual summit, but we are operation from volcano Poas area outside of National Park. Please listen for TI3FAM at 14.060. qrv now. Mon 1825 utc

Made attempt to operate from the road near the entrance to volcano Poas. Pointed antenna in Northern-Southern direction, but nobody answered cq on qrp frequencies around 18 utc on 15 and 20 meter bands cw. Local amateurs informed that they are happy when they are able to make few contacts with full power. The reason for this is geografical location (path to the north blocked by high mountain), limited number of radio amateurs (approximately 100 active amateurs in Costa Rica), and majority don’t know Morse code. But it was a great experience, we shred ideas, operational setup and antennas, and SOTA stories. I was lucky that was able to meet 2 persons, who started SOTA in Costa Rica!