Correcting the date in an alert

I accidentally put today’s date instead of tomorrow’s date when creating an alert (via SOTA watch 3).

And because that alert was for early morning it doesn’t appear in the list for me to delete or edit / correct it.

Is it accessible? If so, how?

Or, is that now “history” and I should simply create a new alert?

If you log onto the reflector, and look for your alert, you will notice it gives you the option to edit it. Once you select this you can change anything in the alert, including the date.

Hi Andy,
With using todays date and an early morning time, you effectively entered an alert in the past. You are correct the Alert list does not display alerts in the past.

You’ll need to re-enter the alert record with the correct date.

73 Ed.

Thanks. I created a new one for today. And I assume the ‘in the past’ one has been assigned to the SOTA bin of history.

I see that G4YBU has created an alert for July 2919. I wonder if the remote descendants of MM0FMF et al will be supporting SOTAwatch 900 years hence.

G4YBU is not the only one to have an alert in 900 years time.

As well as one in 90 Years time