Correcting an error

Hello all,
looking for some help–this morning I received an email from a Chaser who asked me if I could correct a typo on one of my logs—I had entered one of the letters of his callsign incorrectly—I had hit V instead of B. Considering the number of entries in my activation log it was bound to happen sometime. My problem is how to correct this—the chaser in question requires this contact for an award. In the database I have the option of deleting the whole activation entry but not correcting the individual entry/ letter. Do I have to delete the whole activation and then re-enter it as a new record?----The database has a warning about deleting whole activation entries saying it can’t be re-entered. As I really appreciate the work of the chasers I am keen to correct my typo but don’t want to mess up my activation log/ database. Any advice / help would be much appreciated,

73s all, Gordon G0EWN

In reply to G0EWN:

  1. log in to database
  2. locate activation in question
  3. click ‘show log’ to confirm error is in this activation
  4. click ‘download…’ to download just this activation to your computer
  5. edit CSV file with Excel, OpenOffice, iWIbble, notepad, vi, emacs…
  6. save corrected CSV
  7. delete log for activation
  8. import edited CSV file
  9. stand back in awe as database corrects last activator/activation count errors
  10. mail chaser and tell him it is fixed and he owes you beer

Shouldn’t take more than 5 mins the first time you have to do it. Less after that.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks Andy–it is now sorted,

Best wishes and 73s Gordon

In reply to G0EWN:

I also thank you for this information. I did my 1st activation on Jan. 28 and a few QSO’s didn’t make it in this web site. This can/will be corrected next time with a neater log book from the field. If I can add the QSO’s to the list with this method I will.

Thank you,

In reply to KC2ZDC:

No problem adding extra QSOs which were omitted previously. The process is the same for fixing a typo… download csv, edit locally, delete activation on database, import edited csv.


(there’s always a but) make sure the entries are in date/time order. If you missed some out you cannot add them to the end of the csv file but you must insert them in the correct place. When you look at the file you’ll see what I mean.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager

If you want another alternative to Excel for editing the CSV (without having to sort things into the correct date order) then my SOTA CSV Editor can manage that and more.

Stewart G0LGS