Correct ref OK1CZ/P

Sorry for the confusion yesterday and today during some of my activations in the JC and PL region of the Sumava mountains.
Please correct the ref as follows:
25/10 starting at 1427 GMT wrong ref sent OK/JC-009 - CORRECT REF OK/PL-009
25/10 starting at 1602 GMT wrong ref sent OK/JC-014 - CORRECT REF OK/PL-014
I overlooked the fact that I crossed the border of the region from JC to PL.

26/10 starting at 0922 GMT I was activating OK/JC-012 - ref was correct in the Sotawatch
26/10 starting at 1525 GMT wrong ref sent OK/JC-012 - CORRECT REF OK/JC-014

I apologize for the errors.
See you again on 27 and 28 Oct when I plan to activate a few more summits in the OK/JC border area.

73 Petr OK1CZ

will be listening for ya


Thanks for info Petr - my chaser log now corrected - JC-014 still carries 10 points!

73 Phil

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