Correct ref OK1CZ/P on Thursday

Just a correction of the summit reference as I noticed it was incorrect in Sotawatch.
On 2nd September I activated OK/US-022. I worked 9 stations from there in 10 minutes on 40m CW and had to go QRT soon because of rain. The FT-817 including the operator were getting a bit wet, hi.
Thanks for the QSOs and CU again soon.

73 Peter OK1CZ

In reply to OK1CZ:
I did not copy the ref. due to strong qrm on top of your signals. Did use a ref. by chance just to spot you.
cuag soon Petr
73 de Aage LA1ENA

In reply to LA1ENA:

OK Aage, thanks for spotting.
Yes, I noticed there was a DL stn that started CQing on my freq without asking if QRL.
CU next time. Always nice to work you. 73

In reply to OK1CZ:
Thanks for the qso Peter, strong qsb and qrm but fb contact
73 Mikeā€¦