Correct call OE/DL1CR/P on OE/TI-690 today

Today I had the pleasure of my first activation in OE. I was a litte excited and had forgotten the prefix OE/ in my spot.
It was a big fun, I hope to active the Patscherkofel tomorrow. Tnx to Heinrich, Jürg, Fabio, Markus and Hans-Martin for our S2S.
73 Chris, DL1CR in OE


Hi Chris
Thanks for s2s , F/CR-198

73 de Roger


Congratulations Chris @DL1CR on a successful first activation from OE :+1: Enjoy your time and see you soon.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Last not least, tnx for our S2S, Roger. Very nice pics about your summit and your dog. I love your straight key on your leg. The same way, as pilots used it long ago.

73 Chris

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