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Contest/pileup CW training software

Can anyone recommend any CW pileup/contest training software? I’ve been using LCWO (http://lcwo.net) for a while now and it has helped me get my speed up. I have a session every evening now. I can copy calls surprisingly fast but only for well sent calls sent one at a time. As soon as I go on the air and the pack of keen SOTA chasers descends I find I’m struggling with the volume of callers.

Any suggestions? Something than runs online would be best then something for Windows XP/Linux. (I’ve a ruck of old laptops running Debian Linux or WinXP)

Even more astounding, I might even be persuaded to buy (gasp) something if it’s well recommended! :wink:


In reply to MM0FMF:
For training in a contest:
Morserunner (freeware) http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/

For practising callsigns speeding up (not dissimilar to LCWO):
RUFZXP (freeware) http://www.rufzxp.net/

Good luck… Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:

Thanks Marc. MorseRunner is exactly what I was looking for.