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Contact reports

Today yet again I heard reports being relayed by other chasers,this is not acceptable and nullifies
the contact.
One of the reports relayed was mine which I ignored and had to ask the activator to give my report a few times until I received it myself.
By relaying this information only holds up the activator unnecessarily because the qrm you caused extended the contact,please refrain from this as you in some cases cost the chaser the contact.

You could be preaching to the converted on this reflector, Don!

Hi Don
As a recent convert to Sota, I am quite surprised that this goes on for Sota, but like everything in life some people feel the need to (help or advise others) but to what avail, my own view is that if one cannot receive their signal reports, why do others feel the need to tell them, this did happen to me a few weeks ago, I was working a well known Sota Activator and someone did feel the need to relay my report, (please note) I did not log this, but went away for around 5/10 min and returned to make a VALID contact with this station.
Enough said …
73’s Ken G0FEX