Congratulations to Rob, K4RXL, on achieving 1X Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Rob, K4RXL, on successfully achieving Mountain Goat on April 29, 2023. He climbed Humpback Mountain, W4V/HB-019, and made 26 QSOs on both VHF and HF, successfully completing his goat summit.

Rob has been an inspiration to many hams, including myself, as we have followed his journey to the top. His dedication and perseverance are truly admirable, and his accomplishment is a testament to his hard work. (39 summits and 398 points so far this year to total 1,006 activation points over two years!)

As a fellow ham, I have enjoyed chasing Rob’s activations on his pathway to Goat, and I look forward to many more QSOs in the future. Congratulations again, Rob, on reaching this incredible milestone, and I wish you continued success on your ham radio journey.



Congrats Rob on making MG status. Thanks for all the contacts and hope to work you on many more summits.
Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations, Rob! And thanks for the Qs and I hope for many more.

Ward - SC0Y
W9, W0I AM

Congratulations, Rob! MG! Baaah!

Andy, N4LAG

Thanks Allen and thanks to all those that chased me on summits. It has been an endless learning experience for a new Ham and new activator over the past 2 years.

Did all summits QRP 2M VHF ( Yaesu FT-60) and QRP HF SSB ( Yaesu 818 and now Lab599 TX500) . Antenna was 40-10 EHW on HF and Roll up J-pole on 2M.

Been great learning from other activators and look forward to trying new sets ups/modes as the journey continues!




Congratulations, Rob!!

Congratulations, Rob!

73 de JB

Congrats, Rob! It’s been a pleasure to chase and swap notes along the way.

@K4RXL is one of the handful of local activators responsible for getting me into SOTA. I would monitor the 2 m FM calling frequency at home and hear Rob and others calling CQ SOTA from 40 or 50 miles away. I didn’t know what this SOTA business was and cared little about portable operating, but I was intrigued to hear people off in the wilderness spanning those distances on VHF, so I’d pause what I was doing to say hello and give them a contact.

Their obvious enjoyment eventually lured me into joining the fun from the other end of the QSO.

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Welcome to the herd :beers:

Congratulations, Rob!
All Best, Ken

Congrats Rob :goat: Thanks for all the contacts. 73 Karen

Congrats, Rob, keep on going !

Hi Rob,
Congrats! Please let me know if you want your free W4 MG “ear tag”.



Thanks Dave, sent you an e-mail

Very cool tag for the pack, really appreciate that!