Congratulations to PA3FYG

I would like to congratulate Hans PA3FYG for being the first person to activate all of the SOTA summits in PA.

Happy New Year

Jimmy M3EYP

My congratulations to you too, Hans, and many thanks for all the points in the past few days!

73 en gelukkig Nieuwjaar !

Walt (G3NYY)

Congratulations, Hans, well done! Thanks for your effort and providing the opportunity!
And congratulations to myself, since I became “worked all (the 4) Dutch summits” far earlier that I could have worked all summits in my own region… :wink: (There are 33 summits in HA/KM. This is peanuts compared to OE and HB lands, but enormous quantity compared to PA land. :-))
Happy new year for everybody!
73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to HA5CW:
Hi Joska

  • did you not you mean “worked all Dutch summits” not Belgian, having worked Hans PA3FYG/P on all four summits ?
    Well done - I was also happy to work him on PA/PA-004 to complete the PA’s for me

Happy New Year to everybody !

73 Graham G3OHC

In reply to G3OHC:
Sure, Graham! My fault… Though I hand not drunk any champagne yet… :slight_smile:

Congratulations Graham and Joska on working all 4 SOTA summits in PA.

Happy New Year

Jimmy M3EYP

For everyone:

Thanks for all the response.
I enjoyed the pile-ups and had a lot of fun.

I liked the one in the deep snow in Belgium ON/ON-001 the most.
However these so called mountains, are a little bit to easy for me.
Never more than 15 minutes walk, at least when I choose the good direction…
So I have to wait for the next holiday in an other country to have I nice long walk and climb.

A big satisfaction is the 100% score, on al 33 summits so far I always worked a lot of stations and everything kept working.


73 de Hans PA3FYG


My xyl says : It is enough for this year (2009?), please take the junk to the shack agian.