Congratulations to M1HAX

Congratulations to Richard @M1HAX who has made Mountain Goat from G/LD-018 Stony Cove Pike in the last few minutes, working Sue @G1OHH in Lancaster.

Richard I didn’t quite manage the first QSO, but I do have most of the activation recorded if you want a copy. My email address is on my QRZ page.


Well done Richard - I have been following your alerts and you have a lot of good summits under your belt!

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Many congratulations Richard! Welcome to the herd.

Thank you for all the summits recently. Enjoy the rest of your day and safe journey home.


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Hello Richard
Many congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat in such a short time and all the best for the future.

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Congratulations Richard, I’ve enjoyed following your amazing Goathood journey and those stunning photos on Twitter.

73, Andrew VK1AD

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Top achievement! Nice big push at the end there!

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Well done, Richard and thanks for the many s2s along the way. I hope you will not rest on your laurels with just a single Goat :smiley:

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Well done Richard, glad to have our 2m QSO this morning as you achieved Mountain Goat.
73 Andy

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Well done Richard, thanks for the S2S from Gummer’s How G/LD-050 this morning.
Sue G1OHH, being such a prolific chaser in the Lake District, was a fitting fourth qualifying contact.


Welcome to the herd Richard. Thanks for all the contacts and s2s along your journey.

You were 4/1 with me on your Goat summit today but just couldn’t make myself heard with 50w and 5 ele beam…would have been a good one.

73 and congratulations.

Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Richard! I was diligently following you on APRS making good progress to Stoney Cove Pike and High Street but unfortunately the frequencies chosen were in use (Sundaymorning-itis) by stations in Yorkshire rag chewing on them wiping you out, but you were there on both summits underneath them, my problem and not yours.

Congratulations on becoming a Mountain Goat!

73 Phil

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Congratulations Richard on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Thanks everyone.

You didn’t miss a beat there Karl, I was still working the pileup when you posted :grinning:

The journey to MG took 1 year 11 months and all told I hiked 1,145km with 73,800m of climbing. I logged 2,096 QSOs across 174 activations.

My top 10 chasers over the last couple of years were @G0LGS, @GW4VPX, @2E0MDJ, @GW4ZPL, @G6LKB, @MW0OFA, @M0JLA, @2E0LKC, @2E0LMD and @2E0XYL.

Allan, sorry I missed you I was keeping an ear out but never heard you.
Phil, now I understand why I was hearing you on the calling channel but not after QSY’ing… I did open the squelch and call you direct a couple of times but no dice.

Photo from G/LD-018 Stony Cove Pike mountain goat station:



MG in 174 activations. That’s some going! Last I checked it was taking me around 1000 activations to rack up 1000 points!

Do you have any recent activation photos that show you yourself that I can use for SOTA publicity?

Sorry not got any good photos… usually out on the hills by myself. Not sure if that is a joke about G/SP-015 The Cloud Tom :grinning:

Indeed that is Tom. Well done Richard! I checked my records and see that it took me 4 years and 5 months and 305 activations. Very enjoyable nonetheless. :grinning:

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Well done Richard, good going!

73 Mike

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Congratulations again, Richard, I’m glad I worked you on your MG activation. It’s always a pleasure to chase you & I look forward to many more! 73s John.

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