Congratulations to Bob, G6ODU on achieving 'Shack

Bob started logging Sota contacts in the second week of April this year but didn’t start in earnest until his fourth Sota contact on the 20th of June.

From that time on, he has been chasing activators right across the U.K., the continent and further afield and has achieved the coveted ‘Shack Sloth’ title in a very short time indeed!

Having said that, he certainly deserves the award, as his dedication and time spent in pursuit of the activators is pretty impressive.

Karen and I have had the pleasure of working Bob on most of our activations and he is great to work and very helpful as I’m sure a lot of other activators have already discovered.

Well done Bob and here’s to the next 1000!

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Congratulations Bob, That is very rapid progress!


Mark G0VOF

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Well done Bob, caught up to me very quickly!!!

Here’s to the next 1000 !!! I bet Bill G4USW is getting anxious now Hi Hi??!!

Speak to you later on the Net

Best 73


well done Mr.Sota…
NOW you can get some sleep
well done indeed
we shall all be looking over our shoulder

Congratulations Bob on achieving the shack sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Bob gave me an unexpected contact on 2m FM from Bardsey - good going!



Many congratulations Bob - always a pleasure to work you. I particularly enjoyed the contacts we had on 29th July 2010 when I activated a round of 4 summits in GM/SS.

Looking forward to speaking to you again soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Having spent the day at Telford Rallie,first thing I did on arriving home was to switch power on and connect ants up,then turn rigs on,heard G7AVV/P on 5MHz so worked him followed shortly by M3EYP/P on 2MTRs FM,I thought it a bit odd when Jimmy congratulated me for making "Sloth" ,I was so shocked by the congrats,I totally forgot to ask him to pass on my congrats to Tom M1eyp for His achievement of activations.( I worked Tom on his 999th.) Now that I have switched on my computor and accessed SOTA web site to find out summit spots,!!!!### seeing my callsign in the Reflector col.,I now understand (at my age the penny[now decimal] drops everso slowly.Being a natural Sloth I thought I could just come down out of my tree, claim my trophy then disappear back up amongst the greenery. " I WISH" . Now that I have been put in the spotlight for the world to see,I must immediatly thank All the Activators and Chasers who spot the summits, without this knowledge I could not have succeeded. Again Many Thanks To All Friends & Amateurs Everywere