Congratulations M0PYG

Congratulations to Geoff Fielding on getting his new advanced callsign today - M0PYG. Many of you will know Geoff as M6PYG and 2E0NON.


Congrats Geoff!

Congratulations Geoff, the world is now your Oyster :slight_smile:

73, Mark G0VOF

Well done Geoff. We will try to remember the new call :smile:

Congratulations Geoff on getting your full licence.

Jimmy M0HGY

Jolly well done young man :grin:


Well done Geoff. The world awaits!

Congratulations Geoff - you worked hard on your distance learning course I know, to achieve success at the first attempt. Well done. The Czech Republic is beckoning!

73 Phil

Congratulations on getting you new advanced callsign Geoff well done.

Well done Geoff and congratulations. 73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations Geoff. Look forward to working you with your new callsign when you are next in LD.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA