Congratulations G4OIG & G4MD

Congratulations to Gerald & Paul activating their last “G” summit
Many thanks for all the summits I’ve managed to work you on.

73 Graham nG4JZF

Well done and congratulations to you both,pleasure chasing you on all I managed. 73 Don G0RQL.(The beacon from the SW.)

Congratulations to you both on a well deserved achievement to do all of them as uniques


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Well done to the both of you… Excellent.


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The same good wishes from me.Its always a great pleasure to work both stations.And I look forward to working them for many more times.73 Geoff G6MZX

Well done on a set of G’s
David g6lkb

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This is to be treasured as a hill walking achievement as well as a SOTA achievement. Well done!


Brian G8ADD

Fine business!

Nothing beats achieving out what you set out to do. I hope the last one was memorable.

I guess many of us on here are now intrigued to know “What next?” (aside from that nuisance near Welshpool).


Congratulations Gerald and Paul on activating all the SOTA summits in G. I hope we all get permission at some point to activate Upper Park GW/MW-032 so both of you can activate your last GW SOTA summit as well.

Jimmy M3EYP
G - Association Manager

Welcome aboard me hearties!

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Hi Gerald and Paul

Lovely to see that you guys have completed G land! Always been a pleasure to talk you you on the air, sotawatch and email! Hope that the next region is alot easier!

I suppose a trip to GD land is in order, I went there last year and loved the place! Would happily return if you need a guide for the island! Or you could alternatively take a break from the uniques challenge and go back to your top 10 favourite hills and re-activate them as your class B callsigns!

Good luck and 73

Matt G8XYJ still on 350ish points!

Congratulations both - a remarkable achievement to cover the whole country. I’ve yet to managed to complete any G region, despite having over 200 uniques!

Caroline M3ZCB

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llongyfarchiadau hogia. Well done. : )

Yes, well done both !
Hope to meet up again on the hills or the Brent Knoll Hump !

73 de Peter TJE+

Hi Gerald and Paul,

Many congratulations to you both on a thoroughly
impressive and inspiring achievement - well done!

73, John 2E0VCO

Many congratulation Gerald & Paul,glad I helped to qualify summit,for you ,Thanks for the many contacts Ive made with both of you in the past, look forward to future contact,in “GM” I think you said.

Hi Gerald and Paul,
Congratulations, well done.

Congratulations Paul and Gerald, a very good effort.



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Congratulations to both Gerald & Paul, I wonder who will “crack” first & do a “repeat summit”?

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Congratulations to both of you on a fine achievement.

Sorry I missed you on your last G Summit.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF