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Congratulations G4OIG 300 up

Congratulations Gerald! It was a pleasure to join you on Binsey for your 300th unique. Here’s to 301 tomorrow.

In reply to G4MD: Nice one Gerald…well done

Good one Gerald,well done.Pleased to have worked you on the 300th unique.73 Don.

Well done Gerald - G4OIG/P the easiest station to hear on VHF or UHF SOTA from the UK no matter where you go! A fine achievment.

Phil G4OBK (QTH 25m ASL in the Vale of Pickering)

In reply to G4MD:

Well done Gerald,another target for some of us to strive for!!



In reply to G4MD:

Well done Gerald. It was a pleasure to work you on your 300th unique.

I did just about hear you on today, zero signal strength on my FT-290R but I could pick out your Callsign and QRZ occasionally but couldn’t tell if you heard my reply or not. I later checked here and found out you were on Cold Fell, which was a surprise for me.

So I guess I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, I’m only 300 (at least) behind you.

I’m hoping to activate my second on Wednesday, not sure quite when or where yet but probably near Keswick. Be great to get an S-S with you if possible.


In reply to all:

Many thanks for the congratulations. As they say, “it takes 2 to tango” - in the case of SOTA, 5 (myself included) to qualify the summit and on the majority of the activations the number has been far higher. Many thanks to everyone that has been there at the other end of the QSOs, particularly those that have gone the extra mile (or several) to get out to a suitable location to make contact.

Paul wondered whether I fancied a big summit for my 300th, but I was happy with Binsey - a summit that is a challenge on VHF, but in the event I worked 6 on 144MHz SSB with several other people later reporting having heard fleeting signals from me. Thanks to all who tried to make contact. 50 watts output to the 5 element enabled me to make contact with Don G0RQL which was brilliant and totally unexpected. A session on 6m SSB followed which was a first for me and brought the QSO total to a respectable 14, but I must say that I enjoyed the 2m session speaking the the regular chasers far more.

Several people have said “here’s to the next 300”, but I’ll settle for 400 as a target, especially as the uniques are now further away from the home QTH.

73 and see you soon,

Gerald G4OIG

P.S. Just checked my records: Binsey was the 154th activation carried out jointly with Paul G4MD.

Thanks to you Paul for your friendship, encouragement, help and above all excellent company over the many hours that we have spent together since that warm day in August 2007 when we activated Myarth GW/SW-035 during which we cracked open a couple of bottles of Old Speckled Hen to wet my grandson’s head.

In reply to G4OIG:

Belated congratulations Gerald on a fine achievement!
I’m sorry I couldn’t work you on your 300th Unique, but I am very happy to have worked you many times, occasionally over paths that just shouldn’t be possible, let alone at UHF!

Best of luck for your next target of 400!


Mark G0VOF

This one is for Paul G4MD/P Gerald as I failed to work you on NP-027 Dufton Pike on your trip up north this week. This was down to me as I only got home in the nick of time to hear Paul making his final calls on 60m from the summit.

Good on you Paul for giving me the Dufton Pike QSO on 60m last Tuesday, when i got back home just in time to hear you. While I have also activated Dufton Pike it has eluded me as a chaser since I started doing SOTA in 2005. So that one finally completes the set of NP summits for me as a chaser.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OIG:

Many thanks for your kind words, Gerald. Every JA has been a real pleasure (well nearly - there’s always White Hill…) and your support and friendship through thick and thin is valued beyond measure. I’m looking forward to many many more expeditions. We need to keep our eye on that magic 500 now :wink:

In reply to G4OBK

Very glad to give you Dufton Pike, Phil. Despite poor HF conditions and a very low QSO count (only 10 on 60m + 80m in nearly an hour’s operating) I gave yourself and Graham, G3OHC your last NP’s, and G4GRG a new unique summit. Always gives an extra thrill when we can give the chasers that show such fantastic support what they want!

73 to all

Paul G4MD