Congratulations EA2DNO, Iratxe. Your second "MOUNTAIN GOAT"

Congratulations EA2DNO for your second “MOUNTAIN GOAT” since 2011.

323 activations, 218 Uniques. 17 associations activated, 2000 activator points…

We hope for many years more, Iratxe

Zorionak eta horrela jarraitu. Emon egurre SOTAri, Iratxe. 73


Well done Iratxe.
Thanks for the summits and also Alberto :wink:
Best wishes and night night.

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Congrats to you for 2 X Mountain Goat. May be a S2S one day!
Gerald F6HBI

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Congratulations, Iratxe, for your double Mountain Goat and thank you very much for so many summits, points and nice QSOs.
It’s been very nice meetting you and activating with you and Alberto.
I hope many more SOTA QSOs will come in the future.
Long life SOTA.
Long life Iratxe-Goat :wink:

73 & 88


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Congratulations on the Double Goat Iratxe and thanks for a couple of contacts on the way. I am working on my DG so hope for an S2S along the way.

Congratulations Iratxe. Great achievement!
Angel M0HDF / EA2ECG