Congratulations don

Congratulations to Don G0NES on becoming the 4th Super Sloth today.

Well done Don!
Graham G4FUJ

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Many congratulations Don on becoming a member of the Super Sloth club.
You guys are a real inspiration to the rest of us.
Well done.

73 Mike

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Truly excellent - well done Don! Many thanks for all the QSOs and your help on the summits.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Nice one Don, mountain goat next !!
Best wishes, Mike G4BLH

Ah Ha well done Don, great achievement. And a big thanks for all your support on my summits, it is really appeciated. Heres to the next 10 Grande!!
Cheers mate and best 73

Very nice, Don my sincere admiration for this achievement !!


well done Don !!! Thanks for all the QSOs we had in cw or ssb.
Hope work u agn on the summits…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Congrats Don, well done! You are a more dependably chaser with my activations. Hope you call me next time.

Thanks an the best 73!!

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Well done Don. Like Ian, thanks for all your support on my activations. Glad that between myself, Brian G(M)4ZRP and Steve GM7SRJ we were able to give you NT75, NT65 and SS-225 the other day.

Here’s to the next 10k points!


Well done Don.

I hope to be back at work in a week or two so no chance of joining you soon. I would bet on you making 20,000 before I hit 10,000. Hope to work you again from a summit or two sooner rather than later.

Good luck, Good chasing

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Well done Don and many thanks for the calls on so many tops.
Looking forward to hearing you on your next 10k.

Robin, Gm7PKT.

In reply to G4JZF: and all the Activators and Chasers from home and abroad
who also sent congratulations, I thank you.

With regard to the second 10,000, any thing is possible with the increase in excellent portable stations operating these days.

As far as activating myself, I am on the Activators list with a very modest 8 points, achieved with the help of Peter, M0COP one by myself in Cornwall ] and hope to add the total as time goes by.

Thanks all again for the good wishes, best of luck to Chasers and Activators.


Don - G0NES

In reply to G4JZF:Yes well done Don, Not long to go for me.
73 Nigel 2E0NHM

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Hi Don. Congratulations on joining the exclusive Super Sloth club. Well done. Thanks for all your support during activating and chasing. I am looking forward to a summit to summit with you !!

73 John GW4BVE

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Congratulations Don and thanks for all the contacts - it seems like you figure in the log for almost every activation I 've done!

Looking forward to the next one!

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi All

Thanks for the congratulations added to the list after my original reply but I missed an important credit to all the Activators [Graham, JZf and Don, RQL will back me up on this] especially the ones who make a point of confirming the WAB areas and even put them on as an extra to the Summit activation, great fun as there are times when the trig point can intersect as many as three Counties or UA’s, there are many areas that cannot be accessed by road and I have collected many a Rare Area from you intrepid mountaineers!

Thanks again and stay safe.


Don - G0NES

Absolutely Don,congratulations on the achievement. I am just some 8,000 odd behind you and as you say not only thanks to the activation of the summits but thanks for clarification of those rare W.A.B. squares.Thanks all 73 Don G0RQL.

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Belated congrats Don,73, G4CPA