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Congratulations David - MW6DHN

Hi David.

Congratulations on passing your foundation licence and very well done for making Snowdon your first SOTA activation tonight. Not sure I would have been that brave !

It was a pleasant surprise to hear you tonight here in Frizington, West Cumbria, and a pleasure for myself and my partner Colin (2E0XSD) to work you and give you your first contacts.

We hope you enjoyed tonight and made lots of further contacts. Look forward to working you in the future.


Liz and Colin

In reply to M6EPW:
Thanks it was a great fun.
I need to work on my radio technique and bring a pencil and paper for next time!
Was great to to get to work you all that distance away!

Congratulations David on getting your foundation licence and for activating your first ever SOTA summit.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to MW6DHN:
Hi David,
You did fine, well done on your first activation, Snowdon was my first activation too.
Thanks for the QSO,
Roger MW0IDX

Good stuff David. What radio/aerial did you use, and how did you find navigation on Snowdon in the dark? What was your route? My favourite is Pyg Track, but my guess is that you used the Llanberis Path - and maybe live in Llanberis or nearby?

Regarding logging, don’t assume that pencil and paper is the answer. Paper can be pretty useless in the cold, even worse in the damp. So make that pencil and WATERPROOF paper - Rite In The Rain notepads are very good.

You may be able to recover your log - in order to submit to the SOTA Database to claim your 10 points - if you appeal on this topic for those that worked you to post the details on here, or send it you in an email.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to MW6BDV:
Brilliant thanks
All logged now.

In reply to M1EYP:
Went up and down the miners as its quite fast.
First time I have been up the miners in a while. I normally only go up in winter and then usually head for the spider followed by one of the trinities.
ill have a look for some waterproof recording device

In reply to MW6DHN:
Hi David.

I worked you at 19.33 with signal 5/1 into Frizington and report from you of 4/1

Colin worked you at 19.35. Signal as above and report from you 5/1 with the difference being Colin being able to work you on 50 watts compared to 5 watts by me.



In reply to MW6DHN:

ill have a look for some waterproof recording device

Pencil and waterproof pad/ordinary pad is what is needed.