Congrats to "WALT" NE4TN Just passed the 20K Chaser Point Mark

Congrats to Walt (NE4TN) who Just passed the 20,0000 Chaser Point mark
to become the only and First double SOTA Supper Shack Sloth in W4T (TN)
Congrats Walt A Job Well done.
From Dow W4DOW #1 Sota Chaser and Only Supper Shack Sloth in W4V.

(PS) I will be to the 20K Soon


Congrats Walt. It’s a rare day when I don’t work you from one of the summits I activate…and there haven’t been many of those!

tnx es 73


Congrats Walt on making 2X Super Shack Sloth status. It’s not an easy thing to do.

Gary A. - W0MNA

The database tells me that in Walt’s case “10x Shack Sloth achieved on 23-Jun-2014”. So that means 10001 more points chased by Walt in the last 6 1/2 months. That’s quite impressive.

Hi Walt, Merle and Herm in NH send congrats and thanks for always being there on our activations.

Thanks for all the well wishes! It’s been a lot of fun and plan to keep it up as long as there are Activators out there!

Thanks again, Walt

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wow that,s some going well done