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Congrats to pete wa7jtm on 2x goat!

Well done Pete ! Lotta gas, and lotta shoes, no doubt.
Best, Ken K6HPX

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Congrats always good to get you in my Chaser Log
Great Job 73 de W4DOW

Congratulations, Pete! I have you in my log many times, including 3 yesterday. Great job

73, Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Pete! Job well done and glad I could be a part of your contacts on Sunday when you achieved that goal of 2X Mountain Goat. You’ve been in my log a high number of times and always have a great signal up into Kansas.
Gary A. - W0MNA

As I was Activating the first summit yesterday in near Blizzard conditions (40-50 MPH winds…temp in the low 20’s), I was contemplating my sanity and the madness that is SOTA. WE (Jim, K7JFD, and I) had to make a hasty retreat back down the summit before we wanted to, but it was impossible to operate any longer. All tracks made in the snow on the way up were gone and I lost (and found) my hat in the wind multiple times. Managed to loose the camera once but was able to find it, although I had to hike back up the summit a bit. Easy to loose things when you fall in the snow it turns out.

The good news was that the winds on the next two summits dropped to 30 MPH (more or less), and things were still quite cold but doable.

I really want to say thanks to all of you, all the chasers who I have ever worked. On every summit I am always scared that no one will be around, or that that the bands will be stinko, but every time the chasers have come through for me. Thanks! Thanks a million!

So on to 3000 points…it’s gonna take a while and a few more blizzards I figure.

You guys and gals are great!