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Congrats to Paul, HB9DST/AA1MI, and his 4th SOTA Mountain Goat

Dear all

Paul Schreier, HB9DST and AA1MI, has now a 4th goat in his herd. He earned the last credits on a winter trip with HB9GIN and HB9DQM to the summits Lüschgrat and Tguma which had already given birth to his 3rd goat.

Congrats, Paul, and enjoy your next summits – known or new. Your magnificent score shows many details, especially the many, many associations that you have collected abroad. Since you have 4 goats now, you can teach them playing cards. And a happy herd makes you certainly happy, too, and provides inspiration for further beautiful SOTA souvenirs here and there.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ



Congratulations Paul.
Well done!

Bojan, S56LXN

Congratulations Paul! Some new summits are already waiting for you.

73 Christos.

Congrats, Paul! A considerable achievement.

73 Paula k9ir

Great Achievement Paul! Glad to see such a fine person enjoying SOTA traveling the world and reaching an amazing 4 Mountain Goat point level! Bob AC1Z

First, thanks to Markus for acknowledging this milestone. Thanks also to all the chasers and fellow activators I have met along the route to these 700-plus summits – without your help reaching this level would not have been possible, and it would not have been nearly as much fun! One of the most fulfilling parts of the SOTA program is the large number of good friends I’ve made. I hope to hear you on the air or whenever possible meet for an eyeball QSO.
73, CUL

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Congratulations Paul! Hope to work you on more summits!!
73, Sake

Great stuff Paul, and great to work you S2S today.

Congratulations, Paul for such outstanding achievement.
4 x MG is just amazing!
Thank you for all your activations and the QSOs we’ve had.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you many more times in the future.


Congratulations Paul.
Well done!
Andy HB9JOE and Eva HB9FPM