Congrats to Mountain Goat PB2T

Hans, many congratulations to achieving Mountain Goat! I feel it was an honor to be with you in Beatenberg when we first met and when you earned your very first SOTA points, and it’s been straight up for you since then. Wishes for many more summits, pleasant activations and I hope we can do some more joint activations.


Thank you for introducing me and K2XYL in this wonderful activity.
73, Hans PB2T

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Impressive performance Hans - and from such a flat country. Very well done! So how many miles travel has it taken? Scary numbers I’m guessing.

Congratulations Hans for your MG achievement, hope to meet you again on a lot of summits!

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Gefeliciteerd Hans,

Je hebt erg je best gedaan!! Vooral gisteren!

Ik ga je snel volgen als MOUNTAIN GOAT in de lage landen.

Concratulations Hans, Well done! You did well yesterday with all the winterbonus!

I will follow you soon hihi

73 Sake , PA0SKP

I think this must be a fairly unique MG with associations activated - 9H,DL,F,HA,HB9,LX,OD5,OE,OH,OK,ON,SP,VK,YO,ZS - clearly well into the Mountain Explorer. But CU is missing - when will that be included?
Congratulations Hans

Can’t tell Ric. Many SOTA activities could be combined with trips I had to do anyway. The good news is that 10 point summits are always in a country where the fuel prices are friendlier than in the Netherlands.

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Too bad we could not reach this milestone together Sake. Trust you will follow later this month or even this week.

Visited CU twice, when it was not yet on the SOTA program, so need to go back. Same for Serbia. Still hoping that someone will put Iceland on the map.

73, Hans PB2T


Many congratulations Hans - well done. An excellent achievement. Sorry that I missed the opportunity to send my best wishes when we worked on Sunday. Should have kept my eye on your progress in ON, but was concentrating on my own activation planning, Hi.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations Hans, It is always a pleasure to work you :smile:

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

hans, my congratulations to you…well done !!

73 klaus