Congrats to Markus, IN3ADF, and Paul, DL6FBK, for their 3rd resp. 5th SOTA mountain goat

Dear all

Two frequent S2S partners from abroad celebrate milestones these days:

Markus, IN3ADF, visits Piz Chavalatsch, HB/GR-330, today, a Swiss Italian border summit. He shows lots of ibex activity since the Italian summit list had been enlarged. This reminds me to take SOTA holidays in South Tyrol into consideration for one of the next years. Had enjoyed your Alto Adige region already twice, but only in the former SOTA free life. Still too many projects here in mind resp. still too much QRL to realize them immediately, hi. However, Piz Chavalatsch has already been recommended to me by my co-worker Amanda originating from Val Müstair!

Paul, DL6FBK, has no need to conisder QRL too much since he is retired and has more freedom in his personal schedule. He is an allrounder in any way, doing SSB and CW both and being familiar and happy with all types of summits from the lower mountains up to considerably much above 3,000 m.a.s.l. in the eternal snow. Thanks for advising for some of my holiday regions where you had activated before, hoping that you could recover completely from last year’s surgery. Paul is doing SOTA field research in the Vosges region these days.

So enjoy the new life in your goat herds, and I’m looking forward, together with all others here, for further activity from your sides!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Well done to Markus & Paul and thanks for all the activation’s along the way.73 Don.

Congratulations Markus and Paul!

Congrats to Markus and Paul for multi MG individual accomplishments. That’s a lot of time and energy spent in the glorious high country. Thank you for showing us all how it’s done!

Congratulations Markus and Paul…
always nice to work you!

73 de Franz

Congratulations Markus and Paul!
Best 73, Ken

Congrats to you both

und Paul… hast du BW schon komplett?

Viele Grüße - Armin

Hallo Markus und Paul,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zur mountain goat! Weiterhin viel Freude und Erfolg beim Hobby und Dir Markus danke ich besonders für die schönen S2S Verbindungen in den letzten Jahren!

73, Rudi

Servus Markus und Paul,

Gratulation. Es ist immer nett mit Euch ein QSO zu haben. Viel Spass weiterhin. Ich hoffe, Ihr lässt nicht nach.

Peter &Sylvia

Way to go Markus and Paul! :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz

Congratulations Guys!
Keep it up!!
de Roberto

Dear Markus, dear All,
First my congratulations to Markus (IN3ADF) for his 3x Mountain Goat!
Markus (HB9DIZ), I was very happy about the congratulation and your appreciation of my performance in SOTA. The range of my activities is very nicely described. Thank you so much!
To all: Many thanks for the congratulations and I hope to meet many of you in further activities!

Hello Armin,
Thank you for your congrats!.
In the meantime I have activated the mountains in DM / BW once and every once. Thanks also for the QSO from I / to FL / VO.
Until the next activity,

To all
Thank you for the congratulations, also you Paul and then I will go back to the hunt to get the next goat, the herd is to grow. :sunglasses:

73, markus IN3ADF

(Photos from the tour on QRZ.COM)

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Congratulations, Markus and Paul, for your multiple MG and thank you for all the QSOs we’ve had.


Gratuliere Markus und Paul zu der 3 Goas.:goat:
Danke Paul für die S2S
73 Heinrich

Congrats Markus and Paul…and.thaks for all the summits you run!