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Congrats to Kurt, HB9AFI - 9x MG!

Dear all

Don’t miss Kurt today - he’s just activating now for 9x SOTA Mountain Goat! Feeling some envy, Kurt is very fit considering his year rings. Simply Chapeau!

73, Markus HB9DIZ


Yes, of course, and Kurt also loves to always be on the road on time. So he would have had 8 more years for the 9th goat to stay in sync with the age decade, hi.
Well done Kurt, keep it up.


Hello Kurt,

I feel fine, worked you 2day for your outstanding success, 9th Goat.
Thank you for all nice contacts !
Please keep on your excellent work,

73 good luck
Hans (alias John) OE7PHI

Congratulations Kurt

…and many thanks for the many QSOs

73 Armin

Many compliment Kurt !! Very nice to have S2S today f!!

73 And IW0HK

Congrats, Kurt on achieving another mountain goat :tada::balloon::champagne: It’s simply amazing!

Thanks for the many S2S-QSOs! I hope you still enjoy the palm pico paddle I talked you into, some years ago in Friederichshafen :wink:
Have fun with this great hobby and enjoy the beauty of your mountains.

73, Roman

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Kurt’s recent photos always show the Palm Pico Single Paddle fixed on top of his beloved and trusted PFR3.
Unfortunately, I myself did not manage to feel with this paddle error-free right away. So now it’s in the box waiting for better times, hi.


Herzliche Gratulation Kurt - ich hoffe dass ich selbst auch noch so fit sein werde wenn ich dein Alter erreiche ! Chapeau !

73 de Bruno HB9CBR

Many Congratulations Kurt. That achievement is off the scale! :grinning:

Congratulations Kurt !!. Outstanding achievement really !!. I Hope to catch you many more times on the air. .
Best 73

Antonio, EA4MY

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Ken & Kay, KE7GGM

Congratulation Kurt, you are doing very well for so long!

It is amazing the way we manage to have a S2S while activating: you usually get my “PSE UP” requests very easily when I hear you ending your qso with another activator and then we get the desired S2S on a near frequency: good ears Kurt!

Take care and GL
73 de Ignacio


Hello Kurt,
Congratulations on successfully reaching the 9 MG.
Many thanks for many QSO’s,

Completely unattainable result for me! Kurt, this is just amazing. Congratulations!

Congratulations. Thanks for all the S2S - I really appreciate you calling me. I’m still a long way from 1xMG so 9x is incredible!

Congratulations Kurt for the level reached, but much more for the mountain days you have lived to achieve it, they are surely your greatest satisfaction.
Today Elena and I have had the joy of doing S2S with you and sharing the ascended mountains, in that magnificent moment of feeling part of nature, thanks for that.
Elena and Alex
Felicidades Kurt por el nivel alcanzado, pero mucho más por las jornadas montañeras que has vivido para llegar a conseguirlo, seguro que son tu mayor satisfacción.
Hoy Elena y yo hemos tenido la alegría de hacer S2S contigo y compartir las montañas ascendidas, en ese magnifico momento de sentirnos parte de la naturaleza, gracias por ello.
Elena y Alex

Congratulations, Kurt!! Well done! 73 Paul HB9DST