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Congrats to Ambrosi, HB9AGH: 60 000 chaser points

Ambrosi, HB6AGH, yesterday came to 60 000 chaser points as 6 th station ever.
He missed about 5 000 points this year because he was without any aerial in
spring due to his house getting a new roof.
He uses 100 Wtts and a vertical and I recommend to listen to his transmissions.
He will NEVER call into a QSO and stops calling at once when the activator
starts calling.
Cu on the SOTA and listen, listen. listen like Ambrosi
Mike, dj5av

Congratulations Ambrosi on achieving 60000 chaser points.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

In reply to DJ5AV:

I recommend to listen to his transmissions.

It’s a delight to listen to him operate. Ambrosi was one of my 1st CW contacts and his skill in reading just how nervous I was and the way he adapted his sending so I could copy him easily was a pleasure to experience. He has a lovely fist and it’s always nice to see his call go in my log.

Many congratulations on reaching this level Ambrosi and I hope to work you from many more summits.


In reply to DJ5AV:
Hello, I got Ambrosi 96 times in my log from differents summits, and gave him 1 point yesterday 05/12/2012 from Mont Cima F/AM-614.
Congrats Ambrosi from Gerald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI:

Congratulations on passing the 60,000 points milestone Ambrosi.
I will enter it in the next SOTA News.


In reply to DJ5AV:

Congrats Ambrosi

Many thanks for all QSO

73 Alain F6ENO

Congratulations Ambrosi.

Always a pleasure to have you in my log.

Hope to work you again soon.

Colin, M0CGH

In reply to DJ5AV:

Ambrosi, HB6AGH, yesterday came to 60 000 chaser points as 6 th station ever.

Congratulations Ambrosi! Did you get the HB6-call for this effort? :wink:

Merry Xmas and good luck on the way to 100´000 points!


In reply to DJ5AV:

Congratulations Ambrosi. An excellent achievement indeed!

It is always a pleasure to work you with your excellent signal… and you have the benefit of being someone whose name I can actually remember! :slight_smile:

Hope to work you again when I am out on the hills later this month.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hoi Bros,


I can virtually always count on having you in my activator log – thanks!

It was also nice to finally meet you in person in Beatenberg.

CUL (many times, I’m sure!)


In reply to DJ5AV:

Congratulations, dr Ambrosi. Well done!

We have had many QSOs and it is always a pleasure to hear you calling me when I am activating a summit.

It proves that the BEST operators achieve the best results!

Walt (G3NYY/P)

In reply to DJ5AV:
Interestingly my first SOTA contact with Ambrosi was just after he became interested in Chasing - October 2005 to Beinn Fhada GM/SI-034 on the Island of Mull. And 37 more contacts to-date. Always a pleasure to converse with a ‘gentleman’ amateur, of whom thankfully there are many more involved within SOTA and it’s ideals.

73 es well done Ambrosi

Jack (;>J

In reply to DJ5AV:

Great achievement Ambrosi, when I don`t hear you I must check my antenna is ok. With the help of excel, you are in my activator log 283 times, see you from another summit.

In reply to DJ5AV:
Congratulations Ambrosi, well done!
Many thanks for all our contacts.
Roger MW0IDX

Congrats Ambrosi and thanks for the 19 contacts.

73, Peter - ON4UP

When I read HB9AGH I have the sound of his call in my ears :slight_smile:

Well done Ambrosi, Congratulations.


Vlado, Z35M

In reply to Z35M:
Congratulations Ambrosi!
Always a pleasure to work you on my activations at home and abroad.
73, Phil ON4TA

In reply to DJ5AV:
Congratulations Ambrosi on achieving 60.000 chaser points.

vy 73
Christian OE5HCE

In reply to DJ5AV:
Hallo Ambrosi,

congratulations on achieving this milestone.
It is always a pleasure to hear you in the pileups with your excellent working skills.

Vy 73,
Steffen, DL3JPN