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hello Jan,
congrats es tnx for 842 QSOs in my log.

73 es cu on SOTA de Mike, dj5av

Ahoj Honzo!

Srdečně gratuluji! Bez nadsázky jsi chození po vrcholech, vysílání z nich a jejich rádiové lovení povýšil na vrcholovou činnost. Jsi úctyhodně vytrvalý, ať Ti vrcholový elán co nejdéle vydrží!

73 Karel

Congratulations Jan and tnx for many QSO !!
73 Ivica 9A6CW

Congratulations Jan

Congrats and nice to have you in my log.

john VK6NU

Great stuff Jan !
Always a pleasure to hear you … be it as activator, chaser or S2S.
73 - Luc ON7DQ

Congratulations Jan!
It’s an honor to have you in my log.
Gary K3TCU

Vidím, Honzo, že už Ti gratuloval každý ze SOTA “who is who” a já se rád připojuji.
Ať slouží zdraví, zejména nohy a hlava a dfm ještě mockrát nsl.
73, Ruda OK2QA

It is always a pleasure to work you Jan, sometimes on two bands in succession when it is interesting to receive and give comparative reports. I look forward to many more QSOs in the years to come.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

Hello Jan,
congratulate you on the great success and thank you on this occasion also for the many calls in my activities
73 Paul DL6FBK.

Thanks Jan for all the contacts over the years. Hope to hear you again.

Cheers, Wal VK2WP

Thanks Jan,
for all the points in the past. And in the future.
Always nice working you. As a chaser and as an activator.

Good luck, 73. Tonnie de PA9CW

Big congrats Jan and special thanks for many chasing calls !
Ahoj 73, Jarek SP9MA

Congratulations, dear Jan and thank you so much for all your good SOTA work.
I have you more than 150 times in my log, either I chased you, you chased me or we chased to each other with S2S QSOs.
Keep up the good work while enjoying SOTA.


Thanks for all the QSOs Jan!

Congratulations and 73


Congratulations from our side as well!
Look forward to many more contacts!

73, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL

Well done Jan, you’ve set the bar pretty high for us!
73 de OE6FEG

Congratulations Jan, you feature in most of my 20m DX activations from VK1. It’s always a pleasure to work you.

73 Andrew VK1AD

Dear friends, sincerely thank you for your wishes.
I now know very well what activator activity is and what chaser activity is. The activity of a chaser (although in the home environment) is often more demanding.
For example: I’ve heard ten times - 20 times a day how EA stations work with activators in Europe or the world, but I haven’t heard these activators. hi
Once again, thank you for your activity as activator and chaser. I wish you a lot of QSOs in this wonderful activity.
VY 73 Jan
(with Google translator)


Congratulations Jan!
I’m always looking forward to ear you in the air when I activate a summit, and I know that Slavka CR7ARW also enjoys talking to you and taking the chance to speak a little slovak.
Hope to “see you” again soon!

73 Hugo CS7AOV

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