Confirmation of qso's for chaser points?

Hi, Scotty here. I was going through my chaser log, cleaning things up, and saw this statement at the bottom. You do not need confirmation to claim points for the qso. How does that apply exactly. I have removed all the spots where I’m not in log, but there are several with messed up call letters. For instance my call is KG3W. I have busted callsigns such as KG3N,WG3W,KD3W and here’s a goody: G3WGV which is I’m sure is news to John in Penrith, Cumbria. Anyway it’s easy to do. Qrn, static crashes, qsb. It happens all the time.
Do these count toward the chaser points? I just clicked over 5,000 points today and as a qrp station with dipole, I’m a happy camper. Just wanted to keep everything Cricket ya know. 72 de Scotty KG3W
PS. Last year, when the bands were better,I worked G0PEB and G3CWI. Do they count even though they have not updated their logs in quite a while?

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They all count, Scotty. It is an honor system and the asterisks (confirmed) are neat but not required at all. I have some chaser QSOs like yours where the other station busted my call. Oh well, it happens. I usually don’t ask the activator to correct their log because I know it can be a hassle for them to do so.

There are also a few activators who don’t log their activations. QSOs with them still count as well.

See you from the next summit. Don’t worry, I won’t bust your call, I know it too well. :slight_smile:


Eric KU6J

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COOL! Thanks for the info Eric. That’s 51 more points for the log. 72 de Scotty

Congrats on 5K chaser points Scotty. QRP and a dipole that is pretty impressive!

Look for NE1SJ either tomorrow or Saturday on W1/GM-221 in VT around 1500Z


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Thanks Jim. Just heard your BIG signal working KH2TJ. Maybe I’ll get him yet. 73 Scotty

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My call is often in the log of the activator as PA0CW. But my call is PA9CW. Sometimes I email the avtivator if it’s possible to correct it. But mostly I let it like it is. It’s a lot of work to find the Email adres and to correct the log.

Good luck es 73, PA9CW.

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Your correct Tonnie. It can be tough to contact the activator, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about it so much. After all it’s just for fun! 73 es good luck. KG3W Scotty