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Commercial break

QST for July just arrived, and on page 18 is a photo of a wellknown scottish SOTA activator taking a commercial break on top of Tinto Hill GM/SS-064.
Well done, Andy
73 de Ken - GM0AXY

In reply to GM0AXY:

I will be able to see it when my 2009 QST CD-ROM arrives in March 2010.

Congrats Andy - see you at the show in Friedrichshafen.

73 Phil

In reply to GM0AXY:

I knew this was coming… I have the discount coupon ready to be redeemed. Whilst Postman Pat has reached Ken’s Edinburgh QTH from Greendale sorting office but his little van has yet to reach my QTH some 20kms West of Ken! So I will have to wait another day or so before I see it!