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Comments on Spots

Guys, I can well understand the frustration that sometimes leads to putting waspish comments on Spots, but that is not what Spots is for, so please don’t do it. If you do put such comments on Spots, be assured that I will delete them now as soon as I see them, and persisting in such behaviour could put you in line for exclusion.

If you have comments to make, the Reflector is the proper place, and on the Reflector I require reasonable behaviour so make sure any criticisms that you wish to make are moderate and constructive in tone.


Brian G8ADD, Moderator.

In reply to G8ADD:

Hi Brian,

Could you explain what you mean by ‘waspish comments’?, I’m not sure what you mean and haven’t seen anything that I could understand as ‘waspish’ (could be you are very efficient at removing them).


In reply to 2E0XSD:

I don’t want to be too specific, Colin, and embarrass anybody unnecessarily. In this particular case it was a case of venting frustration at being unable to contact an activation because the activator was having long contacts and the chaser couldn’t get in. A waste of time really as the activator was unlikely to ever read the comments. I got rid of them as soon as I saw them which is probably why you missed them!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Thanks Brian,

I can now imagine what you mean.
Like you saw pretty much a waste of time apart from getting something off of their chest. And personally I prefer the longer QSO’s, so long as gaps are left between overs so Activators and other Chasers can hear that people are waiting.


In reply to G8ADD:

Ok Brian I see you are threatening me directly this time because of my comments on the spots so what you are saying is I will NOT be allowed to work any of the activators and NOT be allowed to spot anyone, Therefore you will be removing the contacts from the activators logs also in the future if I work them.
You agree then that it is OK for someone to spend a long time asking lots of daft questions not radio related like menus etc thus flatting the activators battery before he gets the required 4 contacts as was mentioned in the previous spot.
It was not that long ago that yourself informed the activator of people in other areas were waiting for a contact which now seems to be ignored by the many it’s now I am alright pall and I won’t help anyone else that why the selfishness word was used .
So don’t worry about embarrassing me and there were at least 3 chasers waiting to get in at the time you say all of which would be too afraid to say anything to you.
Hopefully these comments agree with your dictatorship rules and yes I do take the threats personal as being told who I can and cannot contact.
What people do not realise is an activator uses a battery with limited life and has to do as many as is required so long winded ragchews should be saved to the end of the activation with gaps for any late comers, This is what some forget with excitement.


I don’t want to be too specific, Colin, and embarrass anybody unnecessarily.


Ok Brian I see you are threatening me directly this time

Epic fail Roger!

I’m off to the IT room for a new keyboard and screen as mine are now covered in coffee!



In reply to G0TRB:

Don’t get overexcited, Roger. I am saying none of the words that you are putting in my mouth.

I, too, was waiting, and I, too, failed to get a contact. I understand your frustration but do not share it. “The Activator is king” is not just a form of words, it is the reality. If I want to ragchew during one of my alas! too few activations I will do so, nobody can change that. If the chaser is taking up more of the activators time than he is prepared to spare, it is up to the activator to choke him off and move on, and it is easy to do. Remember that SOTA will be new to some people (though fewer nowadays since SOTA overtook IOTA in popularity!) and they will probably have little understanding of the constraints that an activator is working within. I myself have more than once spent valuable battery time initiating a caller into the mysteries of SOTA, any of us would do it.

My responsibility is the proper use of Sotawatch, and the Spots section is intended to be used to alert chasers to the activations and QSYs, it is not the proper place for sounding off about things you don’t like, or displays of bad temper, it isn’t a forum, it just does what it says on the can. Remember also that on the web, putting comments in capitals is equated with shouting. It is considered to be bad manners.

I am sorry to hear that you consider me to be a dictator. I prefer to think of the job as being more like a referee, I am responsible for applying the rules in as fair and even-handed way as I can, a dictator needs no rules other than his own whim. As for anybody being afraid to say anything to me, I can only refer you to my previous sentence, I only apply the rules, and anybody can say anything to me as long as they stay within the rules. Just below this box that I am typing into the rules are put in a nutshell. “Is your post appropriate, constructive, friendly and suitable for all ages?” but above all, “Think Before You Post!”

So, Roger, I ask you as a friend to calm down and reflect on what I am saying.
If you still think I am wrong in a few hours time, post again and put your case in a calm and measured way.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

So, Roger, I ask you as a friend to calm down and reflect on what I am saying.

Well I have waited a bit Brian, so to answer your comments , I have no friends that’s why I can play radio so much but I do have a wicked sense of humour I will send a sample of it to you some time.

I had calmed down before I put on the original comment if I had put what I wanted they would be throwing away the keys now.

I know about shouting in emails by using capitals hence the help others bit it may shame people into helping other chasers and not being selfish after all it’s not a competition but personal goals as is always being told to us.
A activator needs chasers as do chasers need activators without cooperation SOTA could slow up somewhat.

You also mention that SOTA overtook from IOTA well there is WFF which at some point most SOTA activators qualified without realising when in Dartmoor Snowdonia and Cairngorms plus some of the more common summits as examples . Leaves the Idea of 2 for 1 activation or even 3 if it’s an island value for money.

You point out the rule book but as with all rules they are bent to suit the people who are in charge of them ask any MP or banker.

We will continue to differ on issues and life would be too boring if we were all the same and had to do as we were told so someone has to say something or there will be no progress.


In reply to 2E0XSD:

I’m not sure
what you mean and haven’t seen anything that I could understand as
’waspish’ (could be you are very efficient at removing them).

For information, http://twitter.com/SOTAwatch holds a reasonably accurate record of what was originally posted. It should catch most things that aren’t removed very quickly. That is not its primary purpose; more of a side effect.

In reply to KD9KC:

I want to “catch up” with them a
little - someone might actually take exception to that?

Don’t panic Mike. Like you I occasionally enjoy a chat with the people that I meet on the air. Over here the weather is seldom suitable for a chat from a summit so it’s good to take advantage. My impression is that people I chat to are often not direct participants in SOTA and have lots of questions about it that thay have always wanted to ask but have refrained from doing so as most times activators have not had time to discuss the details.

The ability to hold a converstation is a useful social skill too!