Coming to Barcelona in September

Would love to catch up with any locals, and grab a summit or two, or three. Look lkiek there are some some right in town.

Kent K9EZ

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Can’t give you much advise on this, but I’m pretty sure Daniel @EA3HP will, as he’s the EA3 AM.
Good luck!



Hi Kent,

Since I’m often in Barcelona, I activated several times in this region.
When looking at, you can even find summits that are within the city that I never activated, because I prefer summits that are in nature.

2m FM can be difficult at times, unless you’re connected with the local ham community. That’s why I only did a handful of contacts on VHF.

To get an idea of the diverse vegetation, from the Pre-Pyrenees to summits that are about 20 miles from Barcelona, you can check out my recent post with a video that shows 8 activations in the vicinity of Barcelona, that I did during my recent Christmas holidays.

Have fun and PM me if you need more inspirations!

73 Stephan

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Hi Kent,
EA3/BC-012 Saint Jeroni can be done by public transport from Barcelona. It is a train ride and cable car up to Montserrat monastery, then a nice hike. I did this trip while my wife was visiting museums… To each their own!

Let me know, if you need further details.
73 Heinz

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I was living in Monistrol de Montserrat since 2004 to 2021, I made a lot of references sota summits in Barcelona, Cataluña.

Actually I am living in Asturias but if someone needs any info to achieve any Sota that I know, I will help with the way to access.