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Coming back to SOTA, Previous points no longer visible

Hi all,

I am coming back into the hobby after a few years out and would to start SOTA again.

I must admit I had not logged in for a few years and my account saved in my browser was not able to login, or send me a password reset. SSO let me create a new login using my callsign but my activator and chaser logs are blank. Is there any way of getting these back?


Contact the database manager directly - its quicker than using the reflector!

Where would I find those details please?

hi Dan,
welcome back :wink: you can find here :


73 Éric

I would strongly recommend you NEVER use a browser to remember passwords and login details for this very reason.

Yes, first don’t create a new account but login in to your old account :wink: Your old account is exactly as it was left when you were last using it. If you give the email you registered it will send you a password reset mail and you can recover it. If you no longer have access to that email then contact the MT using the Contact Form and we can help you recover the account. It may take a few attempts back and forth etc.

The important thing to learn from this is don’t use browser convenience features because they break and put you in a world of pain.

Try recovering using the mail you registered with 1st and then we can take this private and get everything working.

Hi All,

Thanks for replies,

I have found my old account on the forum, Under my old callsign and there is a message on the account when you try and view profile here.

" This user is suspended.
Reason: Please sign in as M0MST"

I tried to recover both M0MST and 2E0SOA (no emails received anywhere), also tried both emails that I have used for the last 9 years, no emails.

It allowed me to create this account with no issues.

Regarding browser saving passwords, I don’t agree but that’s my view and I am assuming this issue has been caused by the length of time I have been away.

I wonder if the recover password feature says check for email whether it exists or not as a security feature.

Your forum account is not the same as your database account.

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Reflector account is not the same as the SSO account.

You have used a different email for your new SSO account from the email you used for your original DB account. The reflector account for M0MST uses a 3rd email address and the reflector account for 2E0SOA uses a 4th email address and so it’s hardly surprising you are having some issues remembering which email is used for which account especially if you trusted this to a browser password manager which has rather unhelpfully lost the records for you.

We allow you a single reflector account, when you change call we can change that for you. At some point you must have created a new reflector account, probably when you upgraded your licence, this has been noted and your old reflector account locked so that use the new one you have created. There are a whole raft of mundane and boring reasons why this has been done but the important bit is you have a reflector account that matches your current callsign. I would strongly suggest you update your email address in your reflector preferences ASAP so you can recover the account yourself.

As suggested before, it will be much better for you take this private and people from the IT team can help you recover your original DB account to use as your SSO account and clean up the extra SSO account and then everything in the garden will be rosy for you and you can ignore the boring IT angle to SOTA and get on with the interesting radio bit of SOTA.