Cold in the Office

Today saw my 78th activation of NW-062. I had to pick up a couple of parcels at the Royal Mail depot in Queensferry, so I took a gamble and threw some radio gear in the car and headed for Hope Mtn afterwards. It was pouring with rain on the journey but I carried on with the view that if the wx was too bad up there, I would just call it a pleasant drive in the countryside and head for home. At the parking spot, the rain had stopped but a biting wind seemed to drop the 5c temp to below freezing. Luckily I had the sense to add an extra wool pullover, a fleece jacket and my gortex jacket, the latter in the rucksack, but it was needed and worn once on the summit. I rang “mission Control”, Barry M3PXW who spotted me on 145.375, thanks Barry, and asked for quick QSOs in the worsening wx. Barry also logged for me remotely, thanks again. I haven’t received the log yet, but I think approx 8 or 9 contacts were made in quick succession. Apologies to those who I didn’t manage to work but I was on the minimum set up I could get away with under such conditions. Just as the contacts were drying up, the rain came and I decided to make a sharp exit. This summit may only be 330m but it can be a very hostile environment when the winter winds blow from the Irish Sea and straight up the Dee Estuary.

73 Mike GW0DSP