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Cloud sea from EA2/NV-073 and antenna testing

On Saturday 23rd January I activated mount Mortxe.
Weather was really foggy when I woke up from bed at home, but I decided to ascend and see if weather was better up the summit, as there was no rain forecasted.

The breathtaking views were absolutely fantastic, see enclosed pictures as they speak by themselves:

Antenna testing of the day
I don’t know why, but I find that part of the nature of a ham is the constant pursuit of the best antenna system. Although I am quite happy with the performance of my End Fed antenna, I take the chance every now and then to test different antennas.

This time I took the chance to test a homebrew Delta loop.
It is cut for 10 MHz band but I wanted to check if it could be used for 7 and 14 MHz as well,using my small ZM-2 antenna tuner.

I settled the antenna on a 6m fishpole as a vertical triangle shape. I had difficulties to maintain the nearest side to ground parallel and straight. I pulled from both corners outside but the rope wasn’t too long and therefore the wire bent downwards.
I think it’s not easy to maintain the shape unless you carry a longer rope and that requires a really flat summit.

In order to run it for several bands I used about 1,5 meters of twin lead to feed the antenna. I could adjust it with ease in 7, 10 and 28 MHz but had more difficulties in 14 MHz.

Detail of feed point:

By looking at the number of qso I think the antenna worked all right although it’s a lot faster to install the multiband end fed and get similar chasers with good reports. Thanks also to all the S2S I logged.

I think the Delta installed that low above ground makes it less interesting and then looses part of its properties, compared to what I get from it when installed in my summer qth over the roof of the house.

Fauna tip of the day
I found strange to find in the summit on the winter season this little insect.
Well to be honest the winter season has not been there yet. It is catastrophic the high temperatures we have had until now.

When I logged my very first qso, a S2S via VHF with EB2GKK/P, a little red ladybird.
He also wanted to say hi to Iñaki!!

VY 73 de Ignacio


Hi Ignacio, I am glad to make our first s2s contact this year really we were able to share some words from summit while pile up became stronger on 2m band. Also thanks for bring us last views of the Pyrenees, it seems that winter does not want to come here.
This little red ladybird has woken up very early this year, poor…
Take care Ignaxio, some day my friend bear may also want to send me hello from other summit!
73s de Inaki